In which I ponder bridesmaids.

A facebook ad just led me to this video:

So, what do you think? what are bridesmaids' main duties now?
If they are not warding off spirits, fooling hexes, or quizzing the groom,
what's the point in all the tradition?
Yes, they're there to support the bride, but isn't that what best friends normally do anyway?
So, why the matching dresses and hullabaloo?

Personally, my biggest reason is the same as my main reason for many wedding related issues - the pictures.
I want to be able to have pictures of my best friends standing by my side.
I want their dresses to look good with mine so it reflects well in the pictures.
I suppose it's an honor to be asked to stand beside a couple when they are married, but is it worth all the money and fuss?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.


In which I become inspired.

upon receiving my beautiful garnet and gold engagement ring,
my ideas of a bright colored wedding with a black accent faded.
suddenly, i was dreaming in ivory and gold.

so, as far as inspiration boards go, i was back at the starting line.

my ring, as i have already described, stands for guidance and protection.
add this to my fiance's love of old navigation systems, this blog by miss crab cake, and this wonderful find at home:

(this is not an actual photo of our map, but it is very similar)

and so, a theme was born.

(all photo credits listed on polyvore.com)

the theme will be vintage lace and maps/compasses.
we will use a lot of ivory, creams, and golds,
and have accent colors of burgundy, slate blue, and sage green
(the colors most found on vintage maps.)

i am so excited about tying all these details together, and taking a theme and running.
david is really happy with this new turn of ideas, and really wants to be involved in planning.
now, i just need to force myself to let go of my raspberry and mango colored dreams.


In which we get engaged.

this little beauty now sits permanently slipped onto my left ring finer.


my proposal was both planned out and completely spontaneous.
David had been trying to think of a way to make this official for quite some time with his lack of money, and after I told him I'd be happy with a rubber band around my finger, he went to his grandma to ask if there was an heirloom she could donate. She gave him a sterling silver ring with three garnets in it. David looked up the symbolic meanings of garnets and loved that they signify guidance and protection and he felt that it described our relationship well. Anyway, the ring was way too big for me, so he went to get it re-sized. Turns out, it had some kind of coating on it that wouldn't allow it to be re-sized. While he was at the jewelry store, another ring stood out to him - when he asked about it, the jeweler told him the stone was indeed a garnet and it was within his (mostly non-existant) price range! he bought it right away.

So, fast forward to when I come into to town. On Monday, he asked his sister (my friend, Sarah) to entertain/distract me for the day so he could plan a "Christmas surprise" with my parents. He then drove down to my house and asked my dad's permission and blessing to marry me. My dad quickly obliged and they had a long conversation about it. In the meantime, Sarah and I had picked up a few more friends and were trying to decide what to do for the evening. By the time David had gotten home, I called him and invited him to our get together, and he suggested we all go over to his place and then decide on a place to go for dinner. We played a board game while waiting for another friend, and David pulled one of my friends aside, asking her if she had a camera and told her to have it ready because something was going to happen. As we all got up to go to dinner, David got on one knee and asked me as my friends stood in shock and snapped pictures. (I essentially unknowingly invited all of my best friends to my own engagement).

Afterwards, David and I went out to dinner to Mimi's cafe - which is the first place we went on a real date and have had many memories there since, and then met back up with my friends.

My ring is a 14 karat gold band with an oval cut garnet surrounded by 12 small diamonds. It is very different than what I expected, but with the story behind it and the thought David put into it, it is very much mine, and I love it very much.


In which I say hello.

Hello, and welcome to The Bride Side.

This blog was inspired by my desire to eventually apply to blog on the wonderful weddingbee.com.

Until then, please join me as I "map" out the journey of planning our antique map and lace wedding from pre-engagement to walking down the aisle.

So, wait, who the heck am I, you ask?
Well, to make it simple, I am Laura. Pleased to meet you.
To make it a bit more complicated, I am Laura: lover of all things creative, spontaneous adventure enthusiast, fresh college graduate searching for a mission in life, and passionate about investing in meaningful relationships with deep purpose. My wonderful fiance and I live in San Diego, plan on getting a Dachshund named Winston, and love Radiohead and Simon Pegg. Again, pleased to meet you. :)