In which I say hello.

Hello, and welcome to The Bride Side.

This blog was inspired by my desire to eventually apply to blog on the wonderful weddingbee.com.

Until then, please join me as I "map" out the journey of planning our antique map and lace wedding from pre-engagement to walking down the aisle.

So, wait, who the heck am I, you ask?
Well, to make it simple, I am Laura. Pleased to meet you.
To make it a bit more complicated, I am Laura: lover of all things creative, spontaneous adventure enthusiast, fresh college graduate searching for a mission in life, and passionate about investing in meaningful relationships with deep purpose. My wonderful fiance and I live in San Diego, plan on getting a Dachshund named Winston, and love Radiohead and Simon Pegg. Again, pleased to meet you. :)

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