In which I become inspired.

upon receiving my beautiful garnet and gold engagement ring,
my ideas of a bright colored wedding with a black accent faded.
suddenly, i was dreaming in ivory and gold.

so, as far as inspiration boards go, i was back at the starting line.

my ring, as i have already described, stands for guidance and protection.
add this to my fiance's love of old navigation systems, this blog by miss crab cake, and this wonderful find at home:

(this is not an actual photo of our map, but it is very similar)

and so, a theme was born.

(all photo credits listed on polyvore.com)

the theme will be vintage lace and maps/compasses.
we will use a lot of ivory, creams, and golds,
and have accent colors of burgundy, slate blue, and sage green
(the colors most found on vintage maps.)

i am so excited about tying all these details together, and taking a theme and running.
david is really happy with this new turn of ideas, and really wants to be involved in planning.
now, i just need to force myself to let go of my raspberry and mango colored dreams.

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