In which I ponder bridesmaids.

A facebook ad just led me to this video:

So, what do you think? what are bridesmaids' main duties now?
If they are not warding off spirits, fooling hexes, or quizzing the groom,
what's the point in all the tradition?
Yes, they're there to support the bride, but isn't that what best friends normally do anyway?
So, why the matching dresses and hullabaloo?

Personally, my biggest reason is the same as my main reason for many wedding related issues - the pictures.
I want to be able to have pictures of my best friends standing by my side.
I want their dresses to look good with mine so it reflects well in the pictures.
I suppose it's an honor to be asked to stand beside a couple when they are married, but is it worth all the money and fuss?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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