In which I make lame excuses.

You may have noticed that it has been quite awhile since I've posted anything. Too busy planning a fantastic wedding to write in a lowly blog? No. I wish.

To be completely honest, I haven't been blogging because I haven't been wedding planning. Sure, I think about the wedding and new ideas for it constantly, but other than buying my dress, (which I can't blog about because I can't figure out how to hide text and pictures behind a cut. lame.) I have not done any significant planning for the wedding. At all. In fact, six months into the engagement, we do not have a date set, more than a very rough guest list, a running budget, or anything as far as vendors booked. Why?


Upon graduating from college, - the one thing that I thought was standing in the way from real planning - I have begun job hunting. Actually, I have applied for a few positions while finding nothing that really struck me and feeling sorry for myself. David and I originally planned on paying for our wedding ourselves, and with him still struggling financially and no real possibilities in my employment future, the possibility of saving ran away from us. fast. Thankfully, my father has graciously informed us that he wishes to contribute, but doesn't want to give money to make this wedding happen until David and I are financially secure. Again, the hopes of starting to plan the wedding rest on my getting a job. However, once I get a job I'm afraid I won't have much time to really plan much of anything, making this time while I'm unemployed a wasted but potentially valuable time for DIYs and dreams. Basically, no matter how we sliced it, the wedding seemed to be pushed further and further into the unforeseen and unlikely future with every passing day.

Time for a compromise.

We have recently decided that it makes sense to go ahead and plan, setting the wedding about a year away so that I still have time to get a job by the time David and I need to pay rent. This allows me to take advantage of my current free time to get things done while also putting more pressure on me to find a job. Win-Win.

So, with all of that being said, I am coming back in full blogging speed to tell you all about our May 2010 (YES! That exists within a reasonable future!) wedding. I have tons of decor ideas, lots and lots of saved up wine bottles, a venue (most likely, yeah that's right - when given permission to move, I act fast), and possibly a dress to show you. (seriously, anyone wanna teach me how to hide stuff behind cuts?) So stay tuned, these next two months will be (hopefully) chock full of blogging goodness, and then I will be eight months away (!!!) and will start applying for weddingbee. :)

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