In which we colorize.

You already know that we're using vintage maps as our theme -


but, what are our colors?

Well, the original plan was based entirely around vintage maps and lace - tons of cream and golds. Upon closer inspection of the maps, however, I noticed that they all had three colors in common - a deep burgundy, slate blue, and sage green. These colors got thrown into the mix. My dress is Ivory and Gold and I realized that none of the colors we had would work for a suit for the men, so a light grey was introduced.
So, how do I put them all together to make sure they all look good? Enter paint samples and colorcombos.com. I went to Home Depot and picked up a bunch of paint samples in my preferred colors, and to get the same effect online, I virtually did the same thing on colorcombos.com. So, I now give you, our color palette:

Edit: the colors aren't quite right on here - the far left should be a light grey and the far right should be ivory. Click the image or the link below to see the real palette. :)

ColorCombos.com Combo

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