center of attention.

For whatever reason, centerpieces have become a very important part of a wedding. I love dressing up the dining room table for dinner parties and holidays, but the idea of the centerpiece holds a much higher place in the world of weddings.

many people spend upwards from $50 per table for elegant and elaborate floral arrangements. Others, creatively combine favors and centerpieces by placing take-home florals or herbs in the center of the table. One trend I have really come to love is the use of citrus fruit inside vases - In fact, cut lemons in the water improves the life of the flowers - win-win situation.

I am not a huge flower person. Don't get me wrong, I love a good bouquet as much as any other bride and flowers blooming in the spring make me happy. But, I cannot justify spending money on elegant arrangements. I consider myself a crafty person, and really don't want to pay someone else to beautify the tablescape when I would fully enjoy doing so myself.

I love the look of candle centerpieces, and think that they would look lovely in our dark, wooded reception room.

However, I would love to have some flowers to freshen and liven up the room. I would also like to use as many recycled, re-purposed materials as possible, and make the centerpieces fit perfectly with our vintage lace and map theme.

Well, I have a plan. I have not yet made any kind of mock-up, and many ideas are still floating around in my brain, but stay tuned as I discover exactly how to create the perfect centerpieces for my theme and within my budget.

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