Google-y eyes.

Yeah, that title is lame. Sorry.

Today, Miss Cowboy Boot posted on Weddingbee all about "google stalking" her venue. She found so many beautiful pictures of other weddings that have taken place at her venue.

Our lodge's website has some pictures of weddings, but none are really anything I'm too excited about. In fact, that's my one big fear about the lodge - why aren't there any wonderful, drool-worthy photos from the place? Have past brides just not had a fabulous photographer, or is the lodge some kind of black hole that doesn't allow the right lighting or creativity for good photos? These fears are irrational, I know - we will have a fab photographer, and the place is absolutely beautiful.

But, just to ease my mind, here are a few photos worth getting excited about:

source for all five.

The ceremony spot without chairs. source

The view at sunset (or twilight - my favorite time of day). source

Phew, okay. Googling certainly brought up more than the lodge site had to offer. Maybe their photos are just a bit outdated? I'm, so excited for our own photos now. With enough luck, my wedding can be the one the next bride finds in a "google stalk." :)

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