Kings of the Kitchen.

Our registry experience yesterday was long and very beneficial, but we really only had enough energy and time to tackle the kitchen section. The entire upstairs - bedroom, bathroom, and home decor - will be covered on our next visit.

I am more excited about some of these kitchen appliances and dishes than pre-bride Laura would have ever thought possible. Thus said, I am pleased to introduce to you (a good portion of) our kitchen:

Isn't our china adorable? I know it's not your grandma's china and not quite as timeless as many of the options in the store, but it is so me. In fact, I wasn't planning on registering for china at all - I thought we'd be set with a nice set of everyday dishes and save the big purchase items for other necessities. But, as soon as I saw these little birdies, I fell deeply in love. The set is called "Chirp" by Lenox.

I don't care if it's cliche. I am SO excited about this baby. Kitchenaid stand mixers are a bride's dream come true.

This stainless steel cooking set by Calphalon was cheaper than the anodized aluminum or non-stick options, but I always cook with olive oil and have certainly heard that stainless steel is the safest route for cookware. This set has an aluminum core for better heat conductivity.

I love the twisted look of this Oneida silverware, but I'm actually eying a Kate Spade set that's similar - maybe I'll change it out.

Because these crystal goblets (by Lenox) don't have different shapes for red and white wine like most, we opted to get only the larger ones (the red wine glasses technically) and figured we can use them for any beverage. I love the platinum band around the top. Swoon. I love stemware.

David actually picked out this 3-tier serving set. It's by B. Smith and swivels to display food at different angles. The chocolate covered strawberries pictured on the box were a selling point for me.

We love square dishes! Everytime we're at a restaraunt with square-bottomed dishes, we comment on how much we love them. This set by Luminarc was a fantastic deal.

Again, square dishes. This Quattro dinner set has the look of square plates, but it still round enough to be practical. All of the dishes are bone china and very strong. Who said we can't have china for our everyday dishes too?

These towels and po holders are just another example of the many Calphalon brand items we scanned to earn out rewards gift cards. :)

I'm excited to go back and think about bedding and towels and such. This time we won't need a consulotant (but can use one if we choose), so we can scan items ourselves!

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  1. I love your dishes! They are indeed adorable.

  2. Great selections. I have those same dish towels in green & yellow.

  3. @StephanieLyn: We actually have the yellow ones on there, too!