Nuts about Southwest.

Until mid-May, David and I were a long distance couple. From the moment we started dating until I graduated from college (2 1/2 years later), we had never lived in the same city (with the exception of a month tops each summer). We did, however, get to see each other quite often - like, at least once or twice a month often -and that is all thanks to Southwest Airlines. Their low fares and great rapid rewards policy (especially for students - up until recently, I could get a free flight every four flights instead of the normal eight!) allowed us to see each other much more often than would otherwise be reasonable.


Naturally, we are big fans of the airline that allowed our relationship to progress.

This couple may be bigger fans than us, however. They paid homage to their ten year long-distance relationship (almost the exact same commute as us - theirs was Burbank-Oakland instead of San Diego-Oakland) while travelling Southwest by using Southwest peanuts as favors, displaying them on every table. The bride said that she is thankful to Southwest for "breaking the boundaries of long-distance relationships."


Now, while I appreciate Southwest and am very faithful to their airline, I don't think their peanuts quite go with our colors. That blog entry did, however make me realize that our vintage map theme which is gradually including many travel elements is actually very fitting.

So, how do you feel about including products as an homage to the company that helped bring a couple together? Do you have a connection to an airline, store, brand, etc. that influenced your relationship so much that you would want to include it in the wedding?

Edit: I know I said I'd share more about our meeting with Garrett, and I will. Patience, friends. :)

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