The monogram that will never be.

I just saw this post on cake wrecks, and I just had to relate.

The "wrecks" that were featured boldly displayed couples' monograms on their wedding cakes. How's that a bad thing? Isn't it a common trend to have the couple's new initials iced into the cake or on a cake topper? Well, some couple's initial just aren't meant to be made into a monogram:

How can I relate?

Well, my name starts with an "L", David's starts with a "D", and our last names both start with an "S". Imagine the possibilities, will you? Need help?

If we were to do the traditional monogram - bride's name, last name, groom's name, our cake would say:
Who doesn't want to evoke an acid trip atop their wedding cake?

If we went with our first names and then our last initial, it would say:
Sorry, ya'll. We're protestants.

And finally, if we reversed our first names on the traditional monogram, it would say:
okay, not quite as bad, but I'm really not THAT big a fan of cable...

So, I guess we aren't really the couple for a nice monogram display.
True, we can play around with just our first initials or we could use just the "S", and I am considering that. But, once I realized all the 3-initial combinations I couldn't help but laugh. Do your initials provide an unfortunate monogram? Anything worse than the examples above?

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  1. that's so funny... we just aren't doing it because it would have two l's and it just looked silly!