Pour me Some Champagne.

When most people are asked what type of glass one were to serve champagne in, they would most likely launch into a description of a tall, thin glass. A champagne flute.


The illustrious Vera Wang "love knot" flutes (above) have become a common staple on the wedding industry's "must have" list.

What most people don't know, however, is that a champagne glass is nothing like these stately, lean flutes. They're shorter, wider, and oh-so wonderfully vintage.


Here, Alfred Hitchcock makes his cameo in Notorious while champagne is being poured into some beautiful champagne glasses.

It's tradition to include a champagne toast in weddings. Because this toast is supposed to be a special part of the reception, many couples purchase a special set of toasting flutes to use and store away as keepsakes.

Well, who needs a flute? I think having a beautiful set of vintage champagne glasses would be a much better fit for our wedding, don't you?

You do? Wonderful, because lookie what I picked up at an estate sale a while back for next to nothing:
personal photo.

Aren't they lovely? I sure think so. I bought them originally intending to use them as ice cream dishes (which, don't worry, I'll still use them for ice cream all the time after the wedding), but I think they're the perfect thing to toast our guests with my new husband with. I sure hope we get lots of great detail photos with these babies.

Haven't had enough of vintage champagne glasses? Check these out:



something blue, perhaps?


This site sells these engraved glasses (below) for only $23.90 among their many varieties of standard toasting flutes.


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  1. I love the glasses you've chosen - so very unique indeed. I might be biased though, I have an on-going love affair with stemware in general.

    Although I think this is the one wedding detail I never gave much thought. My mom purchased us some vintage looking flute style glasses & had 'Mr. & Mrs. (new last name) etched in the glass. She wanted to keep as a surprise, but she was nervous that I wouldn't like them (I loved them! btw)