Swarming The OC.

source= Miss Frenchie's weddingbee post!

Last week, I had the chance to drive up to Orange County to meet up with some wonderful Bees! We met up at Red Robin and had a fantastic time. At the end, the waitress gifted us with two giant Mudd Pies. We joked about how since we're all brides, they wouldn't get eaten, but they were gone in a flash! I loved being able to meet up with so many wonderful ladies and talk wedding non-stop with people who appreciated it. I can't wait 'till the next meet-up!

In the Photo:
Top Row: Lauren, Laura (Soon2beMrsLewis), Sarah, Me/Laura (melodicsighs1), Sarah (naangel55), Janine (futureshoolz), Courtney (CourtneyCrocker), Laura (Charm Bracelet)

Middle Row: Michelle (Miss Duckling), Jamie (PrettyKitty), Allison (Miss Frenchie), Megan (Miss Sprinkle), Mary (ContraryMary)

Front Row: Stephanie (poli2b)

(I love how we ended up with a Laura/Sarah combo in there)


  1. LAURA! so good to read your thoughts. yes, i read through all of your posts the moment I found this thing. your musings are so fun to read and they remind me of how much i miss your sense of humor. i'm getting more excited for what you guys have ahead in the planning process and will keep up with you now that i know where to look ;) hope job searching is going well... right there with you :( love,les

  2. @ Leslie: HI! How'd you find me? How's married life, love. I'm religiously stalking jerry's blog hoping to see some of your pro wedding pics. Does Audrey have a blog of her own? I sure miss you - it's weird that I'm not getting ready to head back up to Berkeley around now.