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I have heard so many horror stories and warnings about registering for gifts that David and I went into our appointment yesterday at Bed Bath and Beyond hesitantly. I had always been excited about the idea of picking out gifts and necessities that would be ours and not my parents', hand-me-downs, or cheap crap from roommates. The idea of scanning these things with a gun sounded appealing too, I'm not gonna lie. However, I was overwhelmed with the idea of planning out the necessities of our entire life together in one evening, and stores with so many options like BB&B tend to give me a headache.

Once we get to the store and met up with our consultant, Patrick, my worries dissipated. Even when I thought I was taking far too long deciding on things like china patterns and silverware, Patrick told us we were doing a great job, and we left the store 2 and a half hours later having made major progress on our registry.

I was so impressed with our experience that I would like to present to you the top ten reasons why you should register at Bed Bath and Beyond:

[1] If you start your registry in the store (vs. online), they require that you use a consultant. When we went in to make our appointment, David and I - naive and starry-eyed - declared that "we don't really need a consultant." We could make our way around the store and decide what we needed on our own, right? Wrong. Patrick was so knowledgeable on everything in the store and really kept us on track with the what, how much, and what kind of everything that we would need. He certainly helped take away the overwhelming sense of "stuff" I was afraid to face in the store.

[2] You don't need a receipt. Basically, our registry - which stays active for two years - acts as our receipt for anything purchased on it. We can exchange, return, and replace anything that is purchased off of our registry to ensure that we get exactly what we want/need. In fact, we're planning on registering for many small ticket items to make things easier for guests and we can combine and return them later for any big stuff we still need.

[3] We can always use our registry for future gift-giving occasions since it stays active for two years. If we aren't able to finish off our entire china set, for example, my mom (or anyone else) can always make it a Christmas gift later.

[4] In order to make sure we get everything we need, they have special "registry finishing" events. Ten days after our wedding, we're invited to purchase anything else we want at a 10% discount. To make it even better, every three months they invite couples to participate in special finishing events where they have interactive displays and a 20% discount off of incomplete registry items.

[5] They provide a helpful checklist and informative booklet as soon as you register. We laughed many times while reading the checklist because it was a little too thorough. It expects that you will have a very large house and need pretty much everything they have to offer. (I mean, really? Who would buy us a trash can for our wedding? And hey include options for window treatments when we don't even know how many windows we'll have. Not to mention the entire section for candles.) But, it and the Bridal Book were very helpful and reminded me of things I may not have thought to add to our registry - like a double boiler. Plus, someone put a lot of effort into the high-quality Bridal Book. You can request one for yourself by clicking the image below.

[6] They offer special gift cards when you register for enough items in certain brands. For us, every $300 worth of Calaphon merchandise that is purchased off of our registry, we get a $50 gift card to use for anything in the store - another great way to get the leftover items off our registry. If all of our pots and pans, knives, spatulas and such, towels, bakeware, and toaster oven (all Calaphon - yeah I registered for anything and everything in that brand to earn gift cards - I'm no fool), we will earn three or four of those gift cards - that's a free $200 of stuff, yo.

[7] They provide a personal website for us with our registry info, a wedding website for guests, budget tracker, guest list manager, and seating chart options. Who needs theknot.com?

[8] I know that Emily Post claims mentioning your registry in the invitation is rude, but they provide free registry cards with our names and a number to access our registry to make telling guests about our registry simple. Honestly, the ability to slip those babies into envelopes is so much simpler than trying to get word around. Everyone knows that people register for their wedding, right?

[9] There are over 500 Bed Bath and Beyond stores worldwide. All of our guests will be able to access a store, and if they can't, our registry will be available online too.

[10] If you're afraid of having too many expensive items, they can "break out" large sets. Both our cookware and knife sets include 13 or so pieces and cost well over $300. Once we picked a set, Patrick went to the back and scanned every item in the set individually. That way, guests can have more affordable options. Better yet, the items cost just a bit more individually than in the set, so if we get less than the complete set, we can bring them in and trade it out for a full set without having to pay much more if any at all.

and finally, a bonus reason...

[11] That store has everything. Enough said. I thought we would register at at least two stores, but I'm pretty sure we've got everything covered already.

Convinced yet? Just wait until I write a post showcasing some of my favorite items from our registry.

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