center of attention: part two.

Remember my original musings on centerpieces way back when? Well, I'm finally ready to start working my way through my massive amount of inspiration to share with ya'll - hopefully by the end of this, you'll be inspired as well and I'll have something more tangible to work with for my vision for our centerpieces.

One of the first big "OH MAN I NEED THAT!" moments with flowers/centerpieces for me was the growing use of baby's breath in weddings. In fact, the fact that a big part of my vision for our wedding's theme involves lace stems (hahaha. get it? stem? flower? okay, yeah...) from my desire to include baby's breath. Who knew such a cheap "filler" flower could be so elegant and lacy by itself?


It's simple and inexpensive while also being beautiful and looks put-together, well thought out, and all of those things you'd expect to pay more money for. Also, even though baby's breath has become pretty popular a choice in the online wedding world, I'm pretty sure it would still be a very unique and unexpected flower choice to most of my guests - once more making my wedding something out of the ordinary. I should have stopped here. My flower decision would have been set and everything would have been perfect. But no - I can't do something like that! More inspiration struck, taking me on a new path. Will I ever have this all figured out?

How many times did you change your mind about your centerpieces?

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  1. I love all your inspirations. They are all very different, but rustic. I'm surprised how much I like the baby's breath. It looks so much prettier in large bunches.

    Originally I wanted to do ostrich feathers in a tall vase & simple candles everywhere! But then I started seeing these rustic ones with moss & branches and I fell in love. My mom actually found my centerpieces while on a trip to Michael's.