My dreams have been sweeter.

I've heard of (and had my share of) the common wedding nightmares. You know, the dreams that happen to brides (and the occasional groom, mother of the bride, bridesmaid, etc) where everything in the wedding goes wrong. I've dreamt that my dress was all wrong, the wedding happened tomorrow and we only had what I've planned so far, some friends surprised us with a video presentation of David and I fighting that they showed during the ceremony, we lost all of our guests and David and I had to run around town searching for the reception, etc. I attributed all of these dreams to our current state of planning and figured they would calm down once we had more details planned out and ready to go.

But lately, all my dreams have been about my engagement ring. I've dreamt on more than one night that my ring has broken or the diamonds have come loose, and it has made me pretty paranoid about the state of my poor ring.


A few nights ago, I had a dream that I was asleep in the car on a road trip, and when I woke up, the stones were all missing from my ring. I found on my pillow a large diamond with a big hole in it, and then in many crumbly pieces beside it was my garnet. (In the dream, my ring must have been a garnet set inside the hole of the diamond instead of having a halo setting of diamonds around it.) I remember holding the garnet pieces and trying to find a way to get a new stone while at the same time mourning the fact that I would never have the garnet my love gave me again.

As a side note, while I was mourning my ring in this road trip dream, we drove by a ModCloth store, and I remember getting really excited because I could finally try things on before ordering them! I guess the dream wasn't all bad...

Then, last night, I dreamt that all of the individual diamonds in my halo setting (the ring was right in this one) started coming loose. After one fell out, I decided it was safer to just pull them all out one by one. I started taking out the diamonds and put them in a ziplock baggy. After I got all but two of them out completely, I was ready to go find someone to fix it - which, somehow had something to do with a trip to the dentist. When, I woke up this morning, I expected my ring to be missing some diamonds.

This dream particularly rattled me because one of the tiny diamonds in my ring looks to be set crooked to me. It's so small, and many people I ask don't even seem to notice, but it makes me nervous. I have already been in to the jeweler to get them to shave the prongs down on the center stone and to make sure it's set correctly, so I think going in to ask about this one tiny diamond might be overkill - although it would be nice to have them polish it for me like they tend to do when I bring it in - they make it so so shiny! What should I do?

What wedding related dreams or nightmares have you had? Do you have any repeated ones that have made you actually change or question anything in real life?

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