To the Nines.

As you probably know, Wednesday's date was 9/9/09. The triple nines marked a pretty significant date, but a 99cent store in Los Angeles took the nines to a whole new level.


KTLA reported that 9 couples won a promotion to marry in the 99cent store by aisle #9 on 9/9/09 for a cost of $0.99 along with 9 friends or family members. Oh, and they were sent away with a prize of $99.99. Seriously... can there be any more nines?

The story gets even greater, though. Apparently among the nine couples was a couple who met while homeless drug addicts three years ago. They encouraged each other to get clean, got married, and hope to be drug counselors someday. So, out of a wacky store promotion came a pretty awesome story.

You can watch the story below or here.


The whole ordeal made for a pretty awesome redemption story for the one couple, but what about the other eight? True, paying only 99 cents for your wedding seems like a pretty awesome deal, but I'm not so sure I want my wedding day memories to be full of cashiers, cheap merchandise, and florescent lights. Would you ever apply for a promotion like this one? Do the savings and prizes make up for the less than ideal venue choice? What do you think about wedding giveaways like this one in general?

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