Beautiful Blooms.

Most of my inspiration for flowers comes from images I clipped months and months ago, so unfortunately I don't have the sources for these images. If you know sources I should cite, please let me know. Otherwise, enjoy the flowery goodness!

I don't really have much direction for my bouquet yet, but I know that I want it to look something like these. (Or, you guessed it, a combination of them.)

I generally stray from bouquets made up of fluffy, real flowers - they just don't seem me, but this one is perfect. There's a high chance I end up with something like this lovely.

Although the sleek, modern lines don't make it quite our style, Cala Lilies were my first wedding flower love. The first time I saw a bouquet like this one, I vowed to make callas our wedding flower.

These bouquets from Martha (oooh, look, I remembered a source!) are also absolutely something I could go for. Isn't the bottom one simply divine? It sure would be a great way to include Calla Lilies without looking too modern for our rustic/antique shindig.

and of course, I've already posted about my love of baby's breath. I think even if my bouquet looks more like the ones above, my bridesmaids will probably carry these simple but elegant baby's breath bouquets.

and then, there's always non-floral alternatives that I've been lusting after and considering:

If I could pull it off, making a bouquet out of fabric flowers like this one would probably be quite cost effective, lovely, and leave me with a great keepsake.

This feather bouquet is so swoon-worthy and perfect for our look that I want to snatch it up right now. Sigh, I want it. (Edit: David's reaction to this particular bouquet was, and I quote, "Are you going to clean with it, or walk down the aisle?" Haha, maybe I won't copy this exactly...)

Which bouquet (or combo) should I pick? Are you going with a non-traditional bouquet or something flowery and feminine?


  1. That's a hilarious reaction to the feathers...he does kind of have a point though! I think the baby's breath bouquet is my favorite, but they're all really pretty.

  2. I had the same reaction to the last one, except my thought was that you could go the easy route and just buy a feather duster, but then, that has a whole bunch of house-wifey connotations.

    The use of succulents in the first and third bouquets was really surprising, and I'm startled to say that I like them (but I like the subtlety of the first one best).

  3. Well, you can probably guess which one is my favorite ;), but looking at the feather one, I can't help but think that it's perfect for you. Maybe change it up a bit for David, but I really think that would be good for you, especially if you could match it to your birdcage veil feather thingy. I also really liked the bottom calla lily one though which is surprising since I'm not a big fan of the flowers or colors in that one. Still, it looked pretty cool.

  4. I am a huge fabric flower fan! I say go for it, I'm happy to help in any way that I can, as I'm right in the middle of making 5 fabric flower bouquets.

    PS-I think that my fiance and your fiance have the same sense of humor!