Longer tables make happier brides.

I honestly, truly believe with all of my heart that long tablescapes are the prettiest, most loviest of all the table options. The poor round guys don't stand a chance against these beauties.

images one, four, and five are from Once Wed, and images two, three, and six are from Style Me Pretty.

So, here's the deal - Our venue has photos of long tables in use for a previous event, but they told me that it was an "apple festival" and they'd prefer not to use this setup for weddings. Their standard setup includes a long table in front for the wedding party, two large round tables for our families, and smaller square tables for guests. There's no way to get around using the two round tables, but I'm hoping to convince them to let me put the square tables together in long lines. I am a bit worried this will make it difficult for our guests to get in and out of their seats for the buffet dinner. What do you think? Is it worth the begging and inconvenience to have lovely tablescapes like these or should I stick to the venue's normal plan go with the small squares?


  1. I LOVE the long table look too! Depending on how wide your space is, I think it can actually be easier to get to your table if it's long, instead of cluttered round tables. Sadly our venue has a serious shortage of long tables, so we're stuck with the round ones for everyone but the wedding party.

  2. I don't understand how it would be an inconvenience to set up one table rather than another. If it is a big deal for them, I think the idea of putting tables together is an easy solution. Why wouldn't they let you?

  3. @ Sarah: the inconvenience part was more about the guests having a harder time getting in and out. I dunno, I need to look at the size/shape of the room again before I decide.

  4. Really how many times will your guests be getting up from the table? Hopefully most of the reception they will be up dancing, right? If you're doing a seating chart maybe try to put younger more agile guests at the long table so it wouldn't be an issue for your older guests. I looooove the look of long tables (I get 2 at my reception!!) and I think you should go for it.