Maid for each other.

I have been blessed with so many people in my life whom I deeply treasure. I had some issues keeping loyal friends throughout my young years - my mom can recall many a night that I cried in her arms claiming that nobody cared about me or that I didn't have any real friends. It seems like once I went through high school, my friendships more than made of for (or even over-compensated?) the friendship pain that I suffered when I was young. Honestly, I have so many dear friends that choosing my bridesmaids was a difficult task. In fact, choosing the people who are even invited to the wedding was extremely challenging because I cherish so many people in my life.

Although there are many wonderful ladies in my life that I wish I could honor on my wedding day, David and I decided to have five attendants each (with 80 guests many more would be pushing it, right?). He has two brothers and three very close friends/band mates, so five made perfect sense for him. I have friends from high school, college, church groups through the years, and more who would all be great bridesmaids, but after much struggle and mixed scenarios, I came up with five perfect bridesmaid choices.

Meet my ladies - I love them so:

all photos are my own personal photos.

MOH S is not only one of my very best friends, but she is also David's sister and thus, my future sister! In posts on my old blog, I referred to her as my BFF/MOH/FSIL, but that's a bit of a complicated title, so from now on she'll be known a "S" or "MOH S". I've known S since our freshman year of high school and we've grown closer and closer every year since then. She's a phenomenal writer and artist, and I admire her so much. The past few years, we have both attended school in the Bay Area, and I loved having her there with me. She has one more year up there, and I miss her so. She's already like a sister to me, so I think our hypothetical conversations about my dating her brother which led to the reality were really a plot to reach every little girl's dream of making her best friend her sister. I'm so touched and honored that she will stand beside me as my Maid of Honor. And yes, in the photo above, we are modeling the fact that our gum packets matched our sweatshirts. :)

My bridesmaid sisters are twins. They are 2 1/2 years younger than I am, and attend school in Santa Barbara. Growing up, everything was always 2 against 1 - even though I was older, they got to gang up on me simply because there are two of them. Upon finishing high school and moving out to college, they have grown a lot and turned into two very different and lovely ladies. They are really excited to be bridesmaids, and I'm excited each and every day that I get a chance to grow closer to them as adults and as friends instead of as the older sister to youngin's who would never help them because they had each other.

Bridesmaid B was a year older than me in high school, and I always admired her, but we weren't super close friends other than some pretty great bonding moments in school plays. After her first year of college, she came back to my high school graduation and gave me a card along with all of her close friends. I was touched that she considered me, and we got closer. After a ridiculously awesome and bizarre summer a year later, we were the best of friends. My circle of closest friends and most dynamic group includes B, MOH S, and two guy friends who will be involved in the wedding in one way or another. Although she lives about three hours away, is impossible to get ahold of most of the time, and is insanely busy, B is one person whom I can be most raw, open, and honest with, and I cherish every rare moment I spend with her.

And finally, Bridesmaid J is also a friend from high school... kinda. Actually, in the early years of high school, my friends and I hated J. She was a strong-willed, opinionated little thing who didn't care a stitch about what other people thought about her - which led her to say some hurtful (but true) things to my friends causing them to launch a whole campaign/club/comic strip against her (really... high school drama kids are so... dramatic). By the end of junior year of high school, she was warming up to said friends, and by senior year, she was a staple in our group of friends. Throughout college, she and I grew closer (see a trend here? - people say that high school friends fade away, but I've grown even CLOSER to many of mine through the years), and she's now one of my biggest Spiritual guides and a wonderful friend. She is still strong-willed and opinionated, but she has a big heart to go with it, and those are all things I love about her. David is also really close to J, so she was the perfect choice to finish up my group of bridesmaids.

I love these girls to death, can't wait to spend more time with them as the wedding draws nearer, and couldn't be happier to have them in my bridal party.

Was choosing attendants difficult for you? How did you eventually decide on a number and who made the cut?

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  1. My MOH is also my FSIL. Although I love her so, I think was too quick on picking her to be my MOH and not just a BM. It's been a little emotionally draining on me, as she's a little bitter about weddings in general after she called off her own wedding last Spring (understandable though). It sounds like you took a lot of time considering your bridal party & I hope your days of planning are drama free!