My "other" wedding.

I saw this post from Mrs. D'Orsay today, and it got me thinking about how very much our wedding has changed since I first started dreaming details. In fact, the wedding that I had in mind before we were officially engaged and I was planning anyway is so different than the wedding we're planning now that it's hard to believe we're the same couple.

Our "other" wedding looked like this:

personal photo - all images from The Knot, J Crew, and Maggie Sottero.
I made this inspiration board over a year ago, and I was so sure our wedding would turn out like this.

I saw these wedding details from Jerry Yoon, and thought for sure I'd copy them:


This wedding would not have a cake buffet, but a lovely fondant beauty like this:

sorry, source unknown.

I would have use LOTS and LOTS of ribbon like on these invitations from etsy:

exact source or maker unknown.

These bouquets:

source unknown.

and our tables would have had black table cloths with pops of color and ribbon details like this:

source unknown.

I still think this wedding is lovely, but it is definitely not ours. I was really excited about the bright colors and fun for a time, and there are still details about this "other" wedding that I'll miss, but I love what our wedding has become.

What does your "other" wedding look like? Did you stray far from your original ideas in the course of wedding planning?


  1. I love this post - I never thought of this, but I bet most brides' visions change a lot before their weddings. I think I have a good idea of what I want our wedding to look like, but who knows what could happen...maybe in a year I'll be making a similar post about my own "other wedding"!

  2. Yup... I went from Tiffany Blue to Fuchsia/Tangerine/Lime!