Oh, Vera.

Okay, another quick weekend post - I wasn't planning on posting today, but then I saw this dress on a friend's facebook profile. (She's nowhere near engaged, but she posted it as her profile picture because she clearly has fabulous taste.)

Its Vera Wang, Spring 2010. Gahhhh. I love it so much. It's nothing like my own dress, and probably wouldn't be as flattering on me, but oh man, it's beautiful, don't you think? If any of ya'll can afford it and don't have your dress yet, try this one on for me, will ya?


  1. I love this dress too! I actually used it to build an inspiration board for a contest on Style Me Pretty. This is what I submitted, but didn't win :(

  2. Beautiful dress! I was showing my mom bridal magazines the other day and she pointed at one and said "This Vera Wang one is beautiful, maybe you like it?" I then told her how much they cost and she quickly turned the page. I don't think I would try one one, in fear I would fall in love with it.

  3. @stephanie lyn: Oh yeah, I remember seeing your post about the inspiration board now! I love it! It's a winner in my eyes for sure.

    @ westside wedding: haha, I love your mom's page-turn reaction. And yeah, that's exactly why I won't ever ever try it on... I already spent too much on my dress - being tempted to spend WAY too much on ANOTHER one would be a bad bad thing.