Photo indecision.

I would like to interrupt our previously clear photo decision to add a whole lotta confusion to the mix. A dear friend of mine from high school, Sarah Shreves is a photographer. Scratch that, she's and amazing photographer. I didn't want to ask her to shoot our wedding because I feared it would put too much pressure on her, but the other day she told me she would be honored to do it - for $500 less than the photographer we'd been speaking to.

We have not officially filled out the contract and booked the other photographer yet because he was away for quite some time and I can't bring myself to commit. I am now leaning very strongly towards having Sarah do it. Check out her amazing work:

All images by Sarah Shreves.

Doubting your photographer yet?


  1. Amazing photos...I can see why you'd be tempted!

  2. Oh my goodness, are you going to book your friend? She is amazing!

  3. Laura, I cannot wait to photograph your special day!!!

    Thank you for all your kind words. : )

    -Sarah ( Your photographer!!)