The Post of Greatness.

While I was blogging yesterday, David informed me that it was time for me to post a "Why my fiance is so great" post. He then began rattling off ridiculous reasons. I asked him to write them all down, and he did.

So, here it is - Why my fiance is so great (according to my fiance):

Reason 1.
He crushes planets between his fingers, so he can get the nuts inside. Space nuts are delicious.

Reason 2.
He knows every episode of the Venture Brothers by name, except that one with Race Bannon in season one.


Reason 3.
Just look at him. Seriously.

personal photo.

Reason 4.
He really likes reading Wedding Bee, and thinks that all of the Bees there are just the best.*

Reason 5.
He is in a band. A loud band. In this band, he bangs on a guitar and wails in a high pitched fashion.

Reason 6.
Seriously, look at that guy.

personal photo.

Reason 7.
He follows the politics of Videogame Development more than sports or national politics combined.

Reason 8.
He makes amazing mashed potatoes without really trying.

Reason 9.
His spelling isn't bad.

Reason 10.
Whatever happens to be wrong with him at the time, a Guinness and a burger will set him straight.


* I'm pretty sure he's never actually read anything on Weddingbee.

So, there you have it. A bit biased? Maybe. But yeah, I do love that man. Is his extreme goofiness (er... sense of humor) one of the things you love about your significant other?


  1. Haha, I'm going to have to ask my fiance his top 10 reasons why he thinks he is amazing. This could be fun...

  2. That really can be fun! Hmmmm! The hamster wheel is now spinning :)

  3. LOL love that! I'm copying you... teeheehee

  4. I think all of my neighbors heard me laugh out loud at Reason 3. David sure looks sultry. That's a good sweater.