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In this post, I talked about all of the awesome reasons to register for gifts at Bed Bath and Beyond. One of those reasons was the rebates (free gifts!) you can get from various companies just for registering. Today, I'd like to share a bit of a follow-up on that.

Technically it's not just Bed Bath and Beyond that offers these rebates. Certain compaines (All-Clad, Anolon, Breville, Calphalon, Circulon, Cuisinart, Gingko, Henckels Cutlery, Henckels Flatware, Krups, Marquis by Waterford, Michael Aram for Waterford, Monique Lhuillier for Royal Doulton, Noritake, Oneida, Royal Doulton, Shun, Sophie Conran for Portmeirion, Waterford, Wedgewood, Wilton Armetale, and Yamazaki to be exact and alphabetical) offer special gift rebates just for registering for a set amount of their products. Most offer an additional gift upon the completion of your registry as well. But, Bed Bath and Beyond made it very easy to send for these gifts by providing us with the necessary paperwork.

We registered for enough products to get the rebate gifts from Calphalon, Oneida, and Wilton Armetale. (Technically, we had not registered for the Wilton Armetale stuff, but the BB&B sales lady convinced me to add it because the rebate gift was so cute... more on that in a bit.) So, I was handed three copies of my registry (to include with each mailing) and the appropriate rebate forms. I filled out the forms, included my registry with the brands' items circled, and mailed it out. Just a few weeks later, these arrived at my parents' house:

personal photo.

I was obviously excited about all three items (I mean, they were FREE, after all), but I was more pleased with one while less with the others. The Bed Bath and Beyond website gives the following information about the items I received:

source for all three.

Register for at least Twelve (12)-5pps or three (3)-20pc sets of LTD, Heirloom or Community flatware, get One (1) serving piece.
Register for at least $300 of Wilton Armetale, get a Heart Dish.
Register for at least $500 of Calphalon, get a 5" Santoku Knife.

The Oneida serving piece is pretty much exactly what I expected. It's not the same piece as the photo shows, but the form said it would be a random pick. I am a bit disappointed, though, because the fork in the picture matches our flatware exactly (see the cute little twist?) while the spoon they sent does not.

The Wilton Armetale "Heart Dish" is waaay smaller than I expected. I should have known by the word "dish" that it would not be much of a functional piece, but since Wilton Armetale is known for having pieces that can withstand extreme temperatures, I imagined some kind of dish that I might be able to actually use - perhaps a heart shaped cake mold? Anyway, like I already mentioned, we had not actually registered for anything in this brand, but when I came in to get the rebate forms, the sales woman said, "Oh, this heart dish is so cute! You should add some stuff so you can get this too." She then assured me that I could always remove the items or return them later. In retrospect, I see her move purely as some kind of sales person commission thing, and feel really bad for doing this. I don't like the items she encouraged me to register for, and do plan on removing them from our registry. I really don't feel like that little heart dish was worth it at all. (Note, the sales lady this time around did not impress me, but I still believe that our original sales person, Patrick, was fantastic)

I am, however, very impressed with the Calphalon Santoku knife. Upon sending in the rebate forms, I didn't have a clue what a Santoku knife was and this was the item I was least excited about. Now that I've gotten it, I see that it is a wonderful quality knife that is apparently great for cutting meat. It is definitely the best quality and most valuable of our free gifts.

So, you live and you learn. The finishing gift from Oneida gives us a choice of serving pieces, so maybe I can get my matching ones after the wedding. I've learned that I won't ever register for items just for the rebate again, and that, so far, I have been greatly impressed by Calphalon and I'm excited to be getting the rest of our knives and cookware from them.

Have you gotten any registry rebates? Were you pleasantly or not so pleasantly surprised by the gifts?

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