Agent Sexytime.

During my trip back up to the bay area, one of my friends dragged me (okay, it didn't take much coercion) into the Agent Provocateur store in San Francisco.

That store has some really out there way not my kind of thing styles, but they also have some stunning and lovely things that made me tempted to spend way too much money than I ever should on lingerie.

The rest of this post is not suitable for work, fiances, or anyone who might be offended by models in barely there lingerie.

I tried on a few control slips and corsets thinking that I might be able to justify a purchase if it could serve as both control undergarments for under my dress and my wedding night lingerie.

The Kirsten control slip was absolutely beautiful. It didn't "control" as much as it just smoothed (really, my knock-off spanx do the trick better), but the bra held better than I expected and it was just so lovely. Unfortunately, the zipper got stuck a few inches down at a seam and wouldn't zip all the way. We tried four different slips in three different sizes and finally the sales girl convinced me that it wasn't me - there is a flaw in the design.

The Kate corset is probably the single most amazing piece of clothing I have ever worn. I thought I had an hourglass shape on my own, but this corset made my waist teeny tiny and my figure fantastic - I wish I could look like that all the time. It was really good at not making awkward bumps and rolls where the corset ended and the rest of my flabby self began. At $530, I need to quickly kiss any dreams of owning this goodbye, but my my, I loved it.

This Matinee Kimono costs $900, so I barely touched it, but it was by far one of the most beautiful things in the store. I'm not huge on robes, but would definitely go for something like this. I particularly love the satin sash with lacy edges. But again, $900 is way too much to even dream about spending on a bathrobe - no matter how lovely.

The rest of their bridal collection was nice, but I didn't try anything else on. The first thing that caught my eye, and a favorite that I tried on, however, was the Meteorite bra and brief.

So lovely. These are from their newest collection and looked much better on me than I expected. They were sexy, beautiful, and cute all at the same time. If only the ridiculous prices looked less ridiculous to my bank account...

The friend that convinced me to go in and try all of this on has also vowed that she would get some other friends to pitch in and gift me one of these items for my bridal shower. Honestly, I think she would have to get a lot more than a few friends to pitch in to even begin to afford any of these on their college student budgets, but a girl can dream, right? They started a "wish list" for me and put the Meteorite items and the Kate corset and my sizes into their system. I'll probably never see those lovelies again, but it was really fun trying them on.

Do any of you lovely folks have any suggestions for good quality, beautiful lingerie for less than these insane prices?

* note: some of these images can be considered to be violating the photobucket terms of use policy. If the photos dissappear, you can always click the links to their page on AP's site.


  1. I love the blue & black set. It seems like the way the bottoms are cut that it would be very flattering on a gal with curves.

    Honestly, I never intended on spending $$$ on wedding night lingerie, but then I saw the most gorgeous set on a shopping trip to Nordstrom with my mom. Total price tag - $240. But damn, it made my body look fantastic. The best confidence booster.

  2. I love Agent Provacateur! Did you know that they'll even shut down the store for private lingerie parties? Perfect for a bachelorette weekend in SF!

  3. I also am not planning on any wedding night lingerie. I figure I know someone at my bridal shower / bachelorette party will get me something since my sister got a ton of stuff like that at hers. Funny thing is, my fiance is not very into lingerie anyway. His motto is "why bother? It's just gonna end up on the floor in a matter of seconds anyway." :) But I have to admit, those pics are absolutely fun and gorgeous!

  4. I've always wanted to go to Agent Provacteur but have been afraid to even step in & fall in love with something. All the items you showed are beautiful, and wow that corset! I've been to Trashy Lingerie in Los Angeles, many of their items were too expensive but the did have some that were not that bad. I left you something on my blog today :-)

  5. Wow...drool! I love that corset and robe, but dang, those are way more than I'd ever pay!