Date Savers: The Finished Product!

I am pleased to be able to finally show you our finished save the dates! It took quite awhile to get all of the addresses we needed (Note to all you brides (and/or grooms!) out there: COMPILE ADDRESSES EARLY!), but these beauties are finally complete and in the mail.

Oh, look - something pretty came in the mail...

the back of the envelope gives a little sneak peek... (PS - remember that globe with our initials - It looks like we'll have some sort of a reoccurring monogram after all)...

Open it up... oh look - pretty map, and... our names!

Pull out the card and voila! Our beautiful save the dates!

all photos by me. It pained me to blur out all that personal information -
they're even prettier when you can see everything.

Squeal! I am so pleased and proud of my little babies and I can't wait to hear what our guests think.

As you can see, I decided against using the map background on the actual cards like my inspiration, but used it as an envelope liner instead. Honestly, the envelopes are more elaborate (and took a lot more work) than the cards themselves, but I'm okay with that - I love how it all looks together. Besides, I think the wrapping of a gift is almost more important than the gift itself - why should these be any different?

What do you think? These were pretty simple to make, but I will be posting a tutorial soon if any of you are interested.


  1. Those look professional, they look great! I love the map theme, it's really unique and clever.

  2. They look great! I didn't realize you'd made them yourself! Nice!

  3. I love these! I didn't even know you could DIY envelopes!

  4. So I just noticed that not only do we have the same name, our fiance's names are the same too!! What a coincidence! Very pretty!

  5. they're beautiful!! thanks for sharing.

  6. @ LauraLou: haha, I KNOW! I noticed that the other day when I saw you'd become my follower and I checked out your blog. Crazy.

    @ everyone: thanks so much! It really means a lot to hear such positive feedback. :)

  7. I'm a little late, but Nice job! It is my firm belief that envelope liners add so much to an invitation. The gold looks so rich with deep red you've chosen.