Dress me up: Part 3 - Vintage love.

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Living in Berkeley for four years was a fabulous experience. There's no place like it. In addition to unrivaled academics, poiltical radicals, and crazy people there is an abundance of great food, culture, and stores. One of my favorite parts of town was the down College Avenue in the Rockridge district in Oakland. Man, I miss living in Berkeley*.

Oh right, wedding dresses. So, while exploring Rockridge one lovely day, I stumbled upon Recapture, a fabulous vintage boutique that specializes in re-purposing vintage bridal gowns for the modern bride by making slight changes to the fit, sleeves, and necklines while still keeping their vintage beauty. (Okay, that was a long sentence. Long story short: this lady rocks, and the store has tons of vintage lovelies.) So, I made an appointment and convinced myself it would be the greatest thing ever to purchase a vintage gown. (yeah, Laura - how many times can you use the word "vintage" in one post?)

Okay, love, you know the drill. More wedding dress photos means time for you to stop reading. Everyone else, read on...

I tried on lots and lots of gowns and, let me tell you, some of those older styles are just plain un-flattering on a gal like me. I did, however, find a dress I loved. I loved it so much, in fact, that I came super close to buying it.

personal photos by MOH S.

I loved the neckline, I loved how the sleeves flattered my arms, I loved how we were going to alter it to fit me by making a V / teardrop shaped open back. Oh man, I loved that dress.

The dress alone was $400, and it would have cost me another $200 for the alterations - cutting and hemming the sleeves (they were originally long), and fixing the back so the dress would zip up (what can I say? Ladies were TINY back in the day) - making this a very affordable option for any bride. Honestly, if you're looking for a Vintage dress and you're anywhere near the bay area, you should give Recapture a visit.

I really was in love with this dress and the fact that it would authenticate our vintage-y theme, but I had actually tried on a few other dresses that I loved at another store just the day before. Before deciding on this dress, I had to go back and re-visit a particular one of the three. Thank goodness I did, because the dress I re-visited turned out to be the one! Stay tuned while it's unveiled!

* I admit, I'm actually writing this post from the air while I fly Virgin America to San Francisco to visit some friends in Berkeley and around the Bay Area. Since most of what I miss in the area involves amazing food, I expect this trip will not be good for my wedding weight loss goals.


  1. That dress is lovely, I can't wait to see the one!

  2. That neckline is gorgeous! Have a great time in the Bay Area! I miss it!

  3. Can't wait to see what one you picked! But that other dress is gorgeous on you too!

  4. Oh, lovely. I really thought I would get a dress with a back similar to the one you tried on. It's just so gorgeous and flattering :) Can't wait to see 'the one.'

  5. That's a very flattering neckline on you - and one I don't see too often. The Disney dresses from your last post seemed to overwhelm your frame.

    Love SF as well. I'm missing it since my bachelorette weekend