Dress me up: Part 5 - A Decision!

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I left off by saying my choice between my final three dresses was an obvious one, and it was. One dress seemed to be the perfect combination of the elements I loved about the other two, and it was absolutely perfect for the look/theme/feel of our wedding.

So, which one did I choose?

This one, more than any others, is a no fiance zone. David, you really don't want to click further.

Maggie Sottero's Keeley of course!

The above images are of me wearing the store's sample dress the day I placed the order. The size 8 sample had been stretched out by many brides before me, and the creases in the belly and worn look of the tulle show for it. I loved the exact fit of this sample dress - it shaped me so nicely - but, Synthia (the sales lady) convinced me to go a size bigger since my actual dress wouldn't be stretched out.

My dress came almost exactly two months after I ordered her. Since I was told it would take at least 5-6 months, I was surprised and unprepared when they came to announce her arrival, but I was really glad to be able to pick it up from San Jose before I graduated and moved back down to San Diego.

Here's the real thing, my very own Keeley, the actual dress I get to wear on my wedding day:

It doesn't shape me into quite as much of a "WOW!" hourglass form as the sample size did, but the skirt and belly area certainly look much better in their new and unstretched/un-tattered glory. The top doesn't fit me nearly as well as the sample - I need to have the chest area taken in - but, I got it over my hips much easier. When I was measured to order the dress, I was basically a perfect Maggie size 10 in the hips/butt and waist, but a perfect Maggie size 8 in the chest. I plan on working on finding a great padded bra, taking it in a bit, and finding a stunning corset to give me the hourglass shape that I had with the sample.

So now, I'm reaching out to all of ya'll - does anyone have recommendations for a more affordable source of these undergarments? What about a suggestion of when I can go for alterations? I can't spend too much money, but I really want to reach the same "WOW" feeling I got when I tried on the sample dress with my own.

Did you notice much difference between the sample dress and your actual wedding dress? Did you have a hard time fitting just right into your size?

Don't get me wrong, I love love love my dress, and I agree that my actual dress looks much better than the sample... It's just missing the more extreme effect that convinced me to buy it.

*All photos in this post are personal photos taken by friends and family.


  1. LUCKY!!! My Maggie was ordered in May and it still isn't in!
    Your dress is absolutely gorgeous =] I haven't even begun to think about undergarments or alterations yet so I'm of no help...sorry!

  2. Tip: to achieve the hourglass look, lace that corset tight. This should help with the top fit as well and will save you $$$ in alterations (I have the same problem being one whole size larger in the hips). Honestly, I think you look way better in your dress instead of the sample. The sample one looks too tight in the hips.