Happy Hundred (and one)!

Yesterday was my one hundredth post on The Bride Side. Since I didn't actually notice until last night, and friday seems a great day to celebrate, today's post will be a celebratory, commemorative, one hundred and one post. Thanks so much to every lovely person who has been following and commenting - you are all so dear to me, and your encouragement and suggestions are what keep me going.

Please have a great Friday, and fabulous weekend, and enjoy this jaw-droppingly amazing, super unique, and way stylish wedding that I found on Style Me Pretty.

The bride wore PURPLE! She's a clothes designer, so her dress was an incredibly important to the wedding day. I have a bridesmaid who would probably die and go to heaven when she sees this. I think this is hands down the most beautiful colored wedding dress I have ever seen, and it inspires me to use even more non-traditional and unique elements in our own wedding. I especially love how the bridesmaids' white dresses throw more of a twist on the tradition and balance out the color.

The groom didn't look so bad himself. I love his well-fitted grey suit, and the comfort in knowing that black shoes look okay with grey. This is very similar to the look we're wanting for David (which I will discuss in another post).

source for all photos.

and the details! Ahh - swoon! The deep purple looks so sophisticated and elegant while still holding such charm.

Simply Bloom, the photographers of this wedding are now also officially on my must-stalk list. I'm in love!


  1. Love it! I saw a photo once of a bride who didn't like all the attention on herself. So she told her bridesmaids (like 10 of them) to all pick out whatever dress they wanted to wear in her wedding party...the only request: It had to be a WHITE dress! The photos show the bride in the middle with all of the girls in white gowns, including the bride! I actually loved it. This is so cool.

  2. This is so gorgeous! I'm not sure how I missed this post on SMP.

    Congrats on 100 posts, btw. :)

  3. Congrats on 100 (and one)! You make it look effortless.

    That groom looks really sharp, and I love the simplicity of his boutonniere and how well it and his tie coordinate with her dress. I can't wait to see David and his guys in sharp gray suits!