As you can probably see, my blog has been undergoing a makeover. Honestly, I haven't tried to figure out this much html since I decided I needed to totally customize my myspace page in high school (let me tell you, it looked good). The background is obviously not my own (you know, in case the "shabbyblogs.com" label on there didn't already give that away), and I'm not sure I'm keeping it, but it's nice for now, yes?

I'm very unhappy with the fact that the header isn't centered, and any tutorials I could find to fix it were way over my head - anyone wanna help a girl out?

Also, I finally figured out how to hide things behind cuts - do you like how the posts below look with the cut just past the first image, or should I expand them back to normal? I'm most excited about the cuts so I can start posting pictures of my dress journey (yay!), so if you don't actually like this more streamlined look for the majority of the posts, please let me know.

Thanks, and welcome to the new (in progress) Bride Side! :)

edit: I don't think I like the cuts on every post. I am removing them and only using them to hide things that choice people should not see. If you liked the "streamlined" version, please let me know.


  1. I just found a new website to get my backgrounds from and I'm super excited because I can do it without losing my widgets :) I'm sure it's probably like shabbyblogs.com but I know it has a lot tips and hints on it. www.thecutestblogontheblock.com

  2. I like your header. Creative shot with your ring & theme.

    I'm still having problems trying to get my own header on my blog. It's pretty frustrating. Ugh.

  3. thanks for the shabby blogs link. I totally just spent some time making over my blog. I love that it doesn't affect the widgets.