Oh honey honey, part 2: Your turn.

Part one.

Okay, so I asked what the best honeymoon option was to fit our stipulations and desires, and clearly we were all on the same page. My research quickly took me to the Carribbean, just like most of you suggested. I guess the "all-inclusive" part tipped you off. In fact, Jamaica introduced the very first all-inclusive resort to the world and the Caribbean has shaped what we expect out of such places (and are really some of the only true "all-inclusive" options with room, food, drinks, activities, tips and gratuities, taxes, and transportation included).

So, before I spend time talking about our own trip (which is officially BOOKED!), I wanted to let ya'll know that if you haven't yet booked your caribbean vacation/honeymoon, you need to run - don't walk! - to Sandals.com where they are offering 65% off their land rates (and more!) for any vacations in 2010 if you book before Wednesday!!! I spent a LOT of time getting quotes for various options, and if you can swing it, some of the nicest rooms and resorts have offers for getting the 65% off plus up to two nights free and $250 in spa credit. Really, one of the vacations that I priced at $5,000-ish was a full $12,000 off from what it used to cost! There are less elaborate packages with major savings as well.

Many sources have told me that the Sandals resorts are some of the best all-inclusive resorts in the world. In fact, the only downside in most cases was that they tend to be too pricy. So, go! Book some of the best hotels at a great rate and thank me later.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! And yay on booking your honeymoon!

  2. I've heard good things about Sandals and always wanted to check one out. Maybe for an anniversary trip one day :) Congrats on your find!