Oh Honey Honey.

Just a few days ago, David and I started taking our honeymoon thoughts and plans much more seriously. I guess I finally realized that in order to go anywhere that takes advance planning, we would have to have it figured out, like, yesterday.

In a perfect world where we had all the money we could dream of, we would honeymoon in Europe. More specifically, we would honeymoon in Ireland, Italy (Cinque Terre!), and Greece.


We would stay in Ireland because we visited some friends in Northern Ireland last January and loved it. David felt more connected to the place and the people than anywhere else, and I would love to be able to see it in the summer. Plus, the word "honeymoon" originated in Ireland, so the idea of going there on our honeymoon makes me smile.


I went to Cinque Terre for a one day hike while I visited Italy a few summers ago. The very moment I saw the town of Vernazza, I knew I wanted to go back there with David, and thought our honeymoon would be a great time. As soon as I told him about Vernazza and showed him pictures, David mentioned wanting to honeymoon there without knowing I had the same thought.


Greece, to me, is somewhere that I dream of going but don't really feel I will ever justify doing so. Once, David promised me that we would go there together someday, so I figured it would be a perfect addition to our dream honeymoon.

Unfortunately, to go to these places and get the quality of vacation I'm hoping for our honeymoon, we would have to stay a very long time and spend a lot of money. There would be so much to do and take advantage of while traveling Europe that we would be too busy to fit it into a reasonable amount of time and still feel relaxed, and I'm sure that juggling transportation, multiple hotels, and exchange rates could end up costing us. big time.

When thinking more realistically - on a poor people's budget - we came up with a few options as well. We decided we would like to vacation in Maine, experience California's lovely bed and breakfasts, or take a cruise from a nearby port.


I would really like to visit Maine someday, but I've decided that it just doesn't feel like a honeymoon to me. Plus, I have so many friends spread across the country that I would feel bad flying somewhere without a visit or two. Also, if we're going to spend money on airfare, we might as well go somewhere more exotic, right?


The bed and breakfast idea is still a very ideal and charming one to me, but if we can, I would rather leave our own state. Again, this is definitely something I want to do someday, but not necessarily for our honeymoon.


Going on a cruise is a great option because it provides an all-inclusive vacation to multiple destinations without any work. We're fortunate enough to live near a few ports, so we wouldn't have to include any travel costs. However, I have been on cruises to both Alaska and Mexico, so no affordable cruise leaving from California would feel very special or new to me. This was our prime option for quite awhile, but after I thought about how I get sea sick, have already been on the potential cruises, and we don't want to follow a strict port/ship schedule, we have pretty much decided against it.

So, now that we have vetoed our prime options, we started from square one. When David and I compiled our most important desires for our honeymoon, we got this list:

[1] We don't have to worry about money while we're there - all-inclusive would be best.
[2] We don't have to stick to someone's schedule or itinerary.
[3] We can relax all we want, but still have fun things to do.
[4] I would really like to go on a zip line / ropes course of some sort. (Not totally necessary, but it would be fun... haha)

Where can we go that would fit this criteria and not destroy our wallets? Any suggestions?
I've been doing a lot of research, but haven't come up with the perfect answer yet.

Where are you going on your honeymoon? How did you decide?


  1. I know how you feel! We're rethinking our original honeymoon plans due to cost, and it's so hard to find the perfect place. There's plenty of places I'd like to go for a vacation, but not necessarily a honeymoon. Have you thought about an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean? A friend just went to Aruba and loved it. Turcs and Caicos is also really nice. Good luck figuring it out!

  2. I too was going to suggest the Caribbean. I've known a few people who went and loved it

  3. I love that a zip line/ropes course made it onto your list. That's not at all what I think of when I think "honeymoon," but it's so you. :)

  4. We also want to do a zip line on our honeymoon! How funny...and we will actually be doing one, on our honeymoon in Brisbane, Australia :)

    I would also highly suggest an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean or a cruise there. I have done several cruises out of Cali to Mexico as well but did a Carribean one and absolutely loved it! It's a different experience for sure.

  5. @ Sarah: haha, surprisingly, there are a LOT of resorts that boast zip lines as one of their big selling points... in Hawaii, Mexico, The Caribbean, etc. They're really expensive, though. I never realized how good we had it all our wilderness trips. ;)

  6. The Mexican Mayan Riviera is wonderful, and they have zip line jungle excursions. I stayed at an all inclusive resort with my family and it was wonderful. We went on an excursion to Mayan ruins, so cool! I think Mexico is really affordable right now, and the flights are not bad. Good luck!

  7. My fiance and I are going to South Carolina for our honeymoon! We had several reasons when deciding: 1) It had to be somewhere neither of us have been before. 2) It had to be somewhere we can go back and visit in future anniversaries. 3) Somewhere that wouldn't cost us an arm and a leg to visit. :) Happy Honeymoon Hunting! :)

  8. Ok, so, based on your criteria, I think Hawaii would be a really great option for you. It's not cheap, but you can get plane tickets for less than $500 if you book early, relaxing is obviously an easy choice, the zipline on Kauai is AMAZING, and while a lot of things are expensive, you can still have a good time on the cheap. In the event that you did want to go, I can give you a lot of advice on the way to do things cheaply. However, I think I remember you telling me that David doesn't much care for beachy places, so perhaps that would not be the best option.

    This is probably too cheesey, but there's always Vegas. It would be really cheap to get there, and there really are a lot of things to do for free. Somehow, that doesn't really seem like the thing though.

    Gah, my mind always goes tropical, it's hard to think of other stuff that's not super far away...um, Grand Canyon? Cabin in a national park? Hm, this is random, but Jackson Hole, WY is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been, and it's right next to Yellowstone. Good place to relax without being cut off from stuff.

    Of course, there's always Orlando :D. Daniel and I have thought about going to DisneyWorld and/or doing a Disney cruise. But that would not be cheap.

    Is there anywhere is CA that neither of you has been but wants to go? That might not feel as Californiaish.