It's all in the details.

I think one of my favorite parts of the weddings that are wonderfully inspiring and just overall well put-together that get showcased on blogs all the time are the seemingly unnecessary props and details.

Style Me Pretty.

Look at the table above - it holds nothing that seems to be serving a purpose necessary to a wedding (other than the bouquet - which looks like it was placed there after it was actually used), but it was photographed as one of the star details. (Granted, this photo was from a mock-wedding photo shoot, but that's beside the point) It's the little details and items used purely for show that really help tie together the elements of many lovely weddings. Now, these details don't always need to be useless - I love how we're going to be able to use our vintage cosmetic case as a guestbook, for example - but, often times some of the weddings I love most have things lying around for show. I've seen antique cameras that may not even work used a a display for a photo booth, walls of mirrors to improve the venue space, and even antique furniture brought in just to give the wedding a personalized and unique look. I am planning on bringing many items - a globe, luggage, maps, and signs - out to our venue, and sometimes it seems like a lot of work to lug a bunch of unnecessary stuff around, but then I remember how awesome these details can be and how greatly it sets apart these memorable weddings, and I know it will be well worth the hassle.

Honestly, I am almost as excited to see the detail photos from our wedding as I am about anything else.


  1. I don't think I ever realized how important details were until I started planning a few months ago. I completely agree - they're not necessary in a practical sense, but they really do make the wedding. When we picked a photographer, I made sure to choose one that had excellent detail photos in her galleries.

    Now I just have to convince S that details are important - as a typical guy, he really doesn't see the need for them.