It's a-bout time.

I plan to start gathering supplies soon to construct boutonnieres for the men in our wedding. I have seen so many unique ideas and lovely handmade pieces that what I used to think of as a dumb flower lapel has quickly become one of my favorite floral/decor elements of a wedding.

Here's just a peek of the amazing inspiration out there that I hope to draw from.

The first ones may be my favorite - I love love the handmade look and use of buttons. Oh, and wouldn't that last one look great with the Martha Stewart succulent bouquets I posted about earlier?

Once again, these are inspiration photos I collected long before I knew about blogging etiquette, so I don't know any of the photo sources. I know I've seen many of these photos posted all over the place, so if any of you know of a source, I will gladly post it.

What can I do for bouts to help them fit my theme? Any suggestions? Did you hand make/design your bouts, or did you leave it to a florist? What's the cutest Boutonniere you've ever seen?

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  1. Making the bouts for our wedding was one of my favorite projects. It's really fun to experiment with different tiny objects, as you've pointed out with your inspiration pics. I highly recommend combing through the SUPPLIES section of etsy.