That's mine!

Okay, so I recently discovered that my dress has been discontinued - at least, it no longer appears anywhere on Maggie Sottero's website, so I assume it has been discontinued. Besides a single picture from a "Maggie Bride" (which has also been removed), I have never seen any pictures of real brides wearing my dress. There are very few results for my dress in a google search, and most people I show pictures of my dress to have never seen anything like it before. I have grown content (and pretty excited) in the fact that my dress is super unique, and that there seemed to be no other brides out there with it.

And then I was browsing Style Me Pretty today and found this:
Love, you know by now that cuts mean it's not for your eyes, right?

style me pretty

Need a better look?

one love photo.

one love photo.

style me pretty.

Yep, that's definitely my beautiful Keeley. And man, that bride is rocking it. I must admit these pictures bring on some sadness - I am no longer quite as unique, and I'm pretty sure I could never look as good as that bride. But, it really is exciting to see my dress in action, and all the comments fawning over how pretty the dress is sure boost my confidence in having picked the right one!

Have you seen pictures of your dress on another bride? How did it make you feel?


  1. That dress is gorgeous!! I'm a Maggie bride too...the Mirabella.

    I'm sure that it will be just as unique because you'll be wearing it and making it your own.

  2. The dress is stunning! And you will definitely be unique, no matter who else has worn the same dress!

  3. Ooh, I love it! I am a Maggie Bride as well. Actually, I started having some doubts about my dress but then went to the Maggie Brides site and looked up other ladies in the gown. Thankfully, when I saw it on real life brides, I started to fall in love with it again and know that I will be happy with it. It's hard though when you buy your gown about 10 months before the big day and have to wait so long to wear it! I have to admit, there was another Maggie gown I tried to locate everywhere and couldn't find either so I think it was probably discontinued. But I am happy with my SaBelle.