Bottles of fun!

Remember how I mentioned I had tons of wine bottles with multiple plans for them way back in one of my centerpeice posts?

No? Does this photo ring a bell?

personal photo.

Well, those glasses aren't chilling in my parents' bathtub any longer. In fact, not only did I use a bunch of the wine glasses for our centerpieces, but many of the others now look like this:

personal photo.

After discovering this post by Mrs. D'Orsay (lookie! A different Bee that I'm getting inspiration from!), I started collecting bottles. This was pretty easy while living in Berkeley - my roommates made sangria for a party, just about every dinner and tv night with a friend involved a bottle of wine, and you can totally get away with taking things out of other peoples' trash/recycling in Berkeley without looking crazy. Okay, actually you look really crazy, but at least there are enough crazies around for it to pass, right? So yeah, I collected a lot of bottles. And yes, in case you're wondering, the bottles made up a large portion of the crap I loaded into my car and drove all the way down to San Diego. I'm dedicated to this project, ya'll.

So anyway, after some adventures in bottle cutting last night, we now have quite a few lovely glasses that will serve as candle holders, bouquet holders, and so much more. The candles will be placed in the colored glasses and spread along the long tables between the centerpieces. I'm thinking they will look something in between these photos:


source from Mrs. Lemon.

I'm really looking forward to the flickering effect through the colored glass.

Thinking of cutting some bottles of your own? I learned some very useful tips the hard way - stay tuned while I share some secrets and advice for bottle cutting in my next post.


  1. I was wondering how you were going to cut those bottles! I can totally see this coming together. Love the idea of using mismatched glass & I think it will look very romantic.

  2. Ohhhh man. The candles in those colored bottles look so good. I can't wait to see how great yours look!

  3. They look amazing! Great use for the bottles. Love the picture on the stairs. Great inspiration.