Homegoods, where have you been all my life?

While visiting my grandfather and his wife, I was introduced to the best store the world of rustic wedding planners, home decorators, or trinket collectors has ever seen. While explaining our wedding theme and our Bed Bath and Beyond registry, my grandpa's wife said, "Laura, have you even been to HomeGoods? I really think you'd like it." And what do you know, it was right down the street!

Enter HomeGoods, the store that virtually finished my search for items to decorate our wedding. HomeGoods is apparently the TJ Maxx of furniture and home decor, and I have only just heard of it because the only store in all of San Diego county is in Poway - about as far as you can get from me and still be in the same county. Anyway, normally discount stores (Marshall's, Ross, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, you name it) tend to freak me out / give me a migraine - I just can't handle everything thrown in together begging to be organized, but at HomeGoods, perfect items just kept jumping out at me.

Not only did they have vases and bowls in our china pattern, but they had (and begged for me to purchase) these wonderfully perfect items for our wedding:

This cake plate (which I think is the perfect amount of gaudy and vintage all at once, don't you?) brings our Cake and Pie buffet stand count to three. Cost? $14.99

My mom declared the idea of a bathroom basket in the men's bathroom to be absolutely unnecessary, so I only bought one of these cuties, but I have big plans for using this filled with helpful items in the women's bathroom. Cost? $5.99

These stands are just what I was hoping for to hold up some signs. One will hold our seating chart, and the other will hold instructions for our Postcard guestbook. Cost? $5.99 each.

I've been searching Craigslist constantly for vintage suitcases. I think this mock-suitcase is lovely. I'll actually probably use it for the postcard guestbook and save our cosmetic case for pictures and such. Cost? $16.99.

Okay, I probably won't use this for the wedding, but I just couldn't pass it up. Look at the great doily pattern. Cost? $12.99.

And finally, the belle of the ball, my favorite item of all, something I've been searching for:

A chalkboard menu stand! This will save me from another huge paper project making menus, and I get to incorporate the chalkboard trend. Cost? $39.99. Okay, this one was a little pricy, but I love it and plan on using it or selling it after the wedding.

In fact, I think most of these items are re-sellable and can help decorate many weddings to come.

Have you stumbled upon a store with everything you've been looking for all at once and quite unexpectedly? I highly recommend you check out your local HomeGoods store!

* all photos taken hastily by me.


  1. Love Home Goods! If you recall, I ended up with a tiered cupcake stand just like your cake stand, which I ended up painting black.

    I think the difference of their shopping experience is because it feels like an antique market. You have to go through at least twice, but everything is more or less pretty organized. Love your doily plate & chalkboard finds. So cute!!!

  2. I just got really excited about that suitcase and am a little jealous on its behalf that it isn't your favorite. It's so cute.

    Haha, but really, that chalkboard thingy is pretty nice too. ;)

  3. Love Home Goods so so so much! Unfortunately there isn't one in San Francisco, but I heard that one may be on the way (fingers-crossed)!

  4. Oh my gosh, LOVE HomeGoods! Nice finds! I have that same gold cake stand, one of my fav things so far!