Paper Scare: Or why you should shop at Paper Source.

The other day, my mom and I journeyed up to Paper Source to gather supplies for the invitations. On the top of our list were the envelopes. Being the good little blogging bride that I am, I have learned that it is very important to get your invitations before starting anything else for the invitation. Anyway, I digress; so, we got to Paper Source and, lo and behold, they're having a sale! In fact, everything in the Stardream Antique Gold color we used for our Save The Dates is being discontinued, so it was all 50% off. Score! Except for one problem, they did not have any envelopes in the size I needed (A9). But, no fear, the lovely sales lady looked them up for me and found just enough packs of the exact item I needed - in Berkeley of all places. So, we placed an order for the envelopes to be shipped from the Berkeley store at 50% off plus minimal shipping to be sent to my front door. Easy peasy. I then proceeded to ravage the store of many supplies, pretty envelope liner paper, and an awesome map page that will serve as our seating chart.

Just a few short days later, this arrived on my front porch:

They're here! Look at the cute paper source sticker. So exciting!

I was overjoyed and ready to start crafting the invites right away... until I opened the box and found this:

Hmm... don't those look a little yellow-y to you? No? how about when they're put next to the antique gold paper I had on hand:

Yeah, they sent me Stardream gold instead of antique gold! They may look nice together in the picture, but both are shimmery gold colors - in very different golds that clash big time. I. was. devastated.

What was I going to do? Paper Source has a strict no-returns policy on sale items, and besides where would I return them? I technically ordered them from down here, but they were shipped from Berkeley. Would I have to pay shipping to return them? How could I prove that I had indeed asked for the antique gold when I admit I used the plain ole' gold to show the sales lady an example of the size I wanted. And, worst of all, these suckers are on clearance and there was already a limited amount - would Berkeley even have enough of the right color left? Did they ever really have them in the first place? Gah!

Okay, breathe Laura. This was one of those times where my mind races far too fast for its own good, and I begin to think of everything that can go wrong before I even give it a chance to go right.

So, at ten am the next day (literally - I called the minute they opened), I called the Berkeley store. The sales lady there found my order right away, immediately admitted it was their fault, and went to check for the correct color. She then said the most beautiful thing - she would expedite the shipping of the correct ones right away for no extra cost, and that she would e-mail the store down here telling them to make an exception and allow me to return the wrong ones. She then assured me they would arrive the next day (they did! They were on my step by the time I got home from the gym at 10 am!), and gave me her name and her manager's name (without my asking) just in case I had any further problems. I love that woman. No really, I work in customer service and thus have pretty high expectations for the service I receive, and I was incredibly impressed and greatly relieved. All doubts I ever had about Paper Source after the mix-up flew right out the window.

my lovelies complete with one of the wonderful papers I got to line them.

The next day, I received the correct envelopes and returned the wrong ones (and ended up spending more money than I got back on other papery goodness, but that's another story). Crisis averted, love for Paper Source re-instated and going strong.

* all photos by me.


  1. Thats great customer service! So glad it all worked out with minimal hassle!

  2. I'm so glad the crisis was averted!

  3. What color is??? I am crazy try to found this color, I alredy make 2 fails