Well folks, the one thing that I see so often but thought would never happen to me has happened. I had a minor wedding breakdown which brought me to say - "I don't even want a wedding anymore. I just want to skip all this crap and move on to living our lives together." Gasp. Yes, I said that. Suddenly, I feel extremely behind in the planning process, have no foreseeable time to catch up, and just feel kinda over it all. But, as soon as I said it, I knew it wasn't really true. Yes, I'm starting to get stressed. But, I know I would really regret it if we moved on with our lives never having experienced this:

or this:

both images via once wed

or so many other great moments. And that was when I realized - it's not about the details. It's about the moments. All this planning and stuff is just there to create the atmosphere in which to share beautiful, memorable moments with our loved ones. Sure, pretty pictures of awesome decor will be a nice thing to have, but what I really want to walk away from our wedding with is some of the best memories of my life. I want our love to radiate to our guests, and I want us to cherish time with each other and our friends and family. Yeah, I still feel a lot of pressure to make everything perfect and will still be stressed because there's so much to do, but I really hope to keep this perspective. I am stressing myself out with all these plans because I have found something absolutely amazing - I have found love, and a person to spend my life with. And, we get to celebrate that amazing thing with everyone closest to us while they support our love. That's something worth working toward.


  1. As a wedding graduate, I can definitely recall having these moments. If this is your first wedding related breakdown, it won't be your last. I promise you. But training yourself on how to quickly recover from said breakdowns is really the key. Just refer back to this post & read what you just said. It totally works.

    Oh, and never mention these feelings to your parents. They will never understand & will likely become defensive. I've often thought that being a bride in the middle of planning her wedding is a very lonely place to be. You're emotional, no one truly understands and you feel like you can't talk to anyone for fear of sounding crazy/selfish & out of touch with what's really important in life. Thank goodness for Wedding Bee!

  2. I can so relate! I have had those moments more than once. But once I calm down, with the help of Mr. Milk, I get right onto the planning bandwagon and look forward to our special day. Hang in there! I am sure we will all experience more of these episodes before our wedding days!

  3. I have had lots of moments like this, but you're right, it's all going to be worth it because you are going to come away from your wedding day with incredible memories..and a husband!