What's in the wording?

The wording of wedding invitations is generally decided by the formality of the event and by who's hosting the wedding. From there, you can choose one of many many options available - some are listed here and here.

But, I'm not really sure how formal our wedding is - it's certainly not a black tie affair, it's not in a church, but it's definitely more dressy than a backyard BBQ. I want the fancy wording - "the honour of your presence", etc. - without it being too stuffy, but I also want to add some whimsy as well.

Also, who's hosting get's pretty tricky. Technically my dad is paying the most - he's covering the venue, food, drinks, and rentals; but David's parents are gifting us some money, and David and I are paying a pretty good portion as well. I think David's parents would be okay with us giving my dad the honor of "hosting", but I honestly don't like the traditional invites for when the bride's parents host -

Bride's dad and bride's mom lastname
request the honour of your presence
at the wedding of their daughter

Bride's firstname and middlename
Groom's firstname and lastname...

I think having my first and middle name and his first and last name looks odd.

I asked my dad how he feels about using "together with their families" to imply that we're all giving some, but this wording is technically used for when the bride and grom host. I really love this wording best, though...

Together with their families

Brides's first, middle, and lastname
Groom's first, middle, and lastname

request the honour of your presence...

Honestly, I really love using an ampersand (&) instead of "to" between our names.

My dad is fine with this idea, but there's still a little part in me that thinks it would be nice to honor his generosity somehow.

What do you think, folks - how should we word our invitations?

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  1. I posted about our invitation wording here:

    And I agree that you should use "Together with their parents." I think that is the perfect wording for when several parents and the bride and groom are both pitching in. If you want to honor dad's generosity separately, perhaps a special thank you listed in the program at the ceremony could recognize his contributions? I wouldn't necessarily mention the financial aspect specifically but you could write a special thank you to him indicating how much you appreciate how he has 'made so much of your wedding special and possible'...something like that maybe?