You're Invited - the very rough draft

I created this invite draft the other day in a desperate attempt to feel like I was making progress with the wedding. I actually ended up making much more progress that day with table runner fabrics and more, but in the morning it felt hopeless. So, I opened up Indesign and started typing away.

So far, I'm convinced that the "together with their parents" route is the way to go - I mean, isn't that ampersand dreamy? I love how this uses the same fonts as our save the dates, but still have a pretty different look. I found the lace online and tweaked it on photoshop. Honestly, I really didn't expect to come up with something I loved right away, but I'm pretty darn satisfied with these. I would like to still tweak the wording a bit (and yeah, I'm still not 100% sure how it should be worded), and I would love to be able to include more information or sentiment somehow though I don't think there's room with this layout.

I may play around with the layout a bit more. Who knows, maybe I'll end up creating something totally different.

For those of you who are (or already did) DIYing your invitations, did you design the actual layout and such or did you have it designed and then do the cutting and pasting?

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  1. I think "merriment" is a bit too suggestive. ;) I'm kidding, of course. I really love "food and merriment to follow." It has a really nice flow.