Dear Bridesmaids: a treat for the feet.

Dearest Bridesmaids,

I would be tickled pink if you chose any of these shoes for yourselves. Of course, anything else in this color or similar would be fine, but aren't these options just lovely?

All shoes from Zappos - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

I love love love them all, especially the first and last pair. Can I get some gold shoes for myself, please?


A place to engage.

Since our Engagement photos were postponed, I've had more time to think about where we should go to take them. Sarah, our photographer, came up with some pretty awesome ideas and locations that I'm excited about, but I also have a few ideas up my own sleeve.

Remember these awesome plane photos and how I said we could use my dads plane to take plane photos of our own? Well, that idea was tabled for some time because the wings on my dads plane were removed. But now they're back in all their glory, and our very own plane photos could soon become a reality.

My dad took me down to the airfield where his plane is kept yesterday, and I discovered that there are some pretty awesome places to shoot photos around there.

I can already imagine some pretty rad photos using these hangars as backdrops. Can't you just picture some of the great shots we could get up against those walls and windows? What about some perspective shots with us in the foreground of those three hangars in a row?

And, look at that view! Mountains + field + runway = endless photo possibilities.

If a photo taken by my dad right after I had gone to the gym and threw on junky clothes can look this good, just imagine what kind of shots we can get once we're all gussied up with a real photographer.

My dad has agreed to come with us on our shoot to help move the plane out to a better location, and Sarah has shot here before and is excited about the possibilities. There's also a ton of junk yards and car lots around that I'm pretty excited to explore. Man, this area would be great for a trash the dress session.

Did you scout out locations for your photo sessions? Doesn't it make you super excited for the photos?


Momma gets a dress too.

Finding a dress for my mom was a pretty complicated task. She hates the look of your typical mother of the bride dress yet we still wanted to find something within a pretty strict group of colors (I wanted the moms to show off our slate blue and sage green accents or wear our light gold/champagne if necessary.) We searched many stores' websites and there didn't seem to be a single dress in a style my mom liked in the colors we both wanted. Boo!

We turned to J.Crew since they provide many color options for each of their dresses.

source for both.

We decided we liked these two dresses, and the color looked like it just might be perfect. Unfortunately, our local J.Crew hardly carries anything available online, so we would have to order them. We put the Sophia dress (top) in our online shopping cart, but my mom was worried that she wouldn't like the lack of sleeves and asked me to hold off on ordering it.

Then, in a moment of panic and doubt we'd ever find a suitable dress, my mom checked the mother of the bride section in a few bridal stores. I was worried it would be too late to order a MOB dress, but many stores sell their Mother dresses right off the rack. Her journey reaffirmed her dislike for these dresses, and her desire to find a shorter, more stylish dress, though, so the hunt continued.

source for both.

She then found these dresses by Kay Unger at Nordstrom. The strechy satin fabric was so elegant and comfortable, and both dresses were super flattering on my hot mama. She tried the top dress on in a nice champagne color and the bottom was available in eggplant in the store. The champagne was lovely, but we worried it would wash my mom out in pictures, and she was a little wary of the low neckline. The eggplant dress was her favorite in cut and color, but it just wasn't a color that would work with our burgundy bridesmaid dresses. As soon as we learned that it came in cornflower blue online, we were sold!

It turns out we had actually seen this dress online in our previous searches and ruled it out because the blue looked too aqua or greenish online, but we saw another Kay Unger dress in Cornflower in the store, and it was perfect! My momma has a dress! She's starting to doubt that her shoes will work too well with this dress, though, so we might be back at square one for her shoes.

What do you think? My momma did well, right? Should she look into new shoes for her dress?


The last date-iversary.

Last week was our third dating anniversary - and the last time we would celebrate an anniversary in February - the last time we would celebrate an anniversary as an unmarried couple. David and I switch years treating the other to dinner and more for our anniversary. This year was David's turn and he went all out.

The day started out with this lovely bouquet. This was the first time David has ever given me flowers. He doesn't like the common idea that they are expected at certain times or that they equal the only acceptable apology to a girl, so I assumed he was against giving them all together. Receiving them was a total surprise. I love them. The best part is that I get to keep the vase and fill it with lovely flowers for years to come.

For breakfast, David took me to Chick-fil-a where we were given star treatment (which, you know, may have a little something to do with the fact that he works there and is basically the superstar of the store). When we were finished, all the workers came out with these cows tied to a bunch of balloons and a free dessert "on the cows". I got a milkshake - I've been on a no-sweets diet since the new year until the wedding, but I figured it would be rude to the cows to refuse - it was good.

We then had a leisurely day which included a picnic lunch and shopping for swim trunks for David for our honeymoon - can you believe he grew up in San Diego and he doesn't own a single pair of swim trunks?

And then for dinner (yes, he treated me to all three meals of the day!), we got all dressed up and had the best steak of our lives and easily gained two of my hard-lost pounds back - so worth it. Recognize my dress? Even if I don't wear it for our engagement pictures, you can't say it hasn't had its time to shine.

Anyway, it was a great anniversary and was so great to take a day out for ourselves without worrying about wedding stresses. It was especially exciting to realize that this, the last anniversary for us while dating, was only one of many many wonderful anniversaries to come.

A fabric flower for everyone.

I LOVE how so many weddings have been using fabric flowers for so many lovely details. In fact, there are tons of tutorials available - here, here, here, and here. I decided I needed some fabric flowers of my own. So, without too much decision on what I would actually use them for, I grabbed the extra tulle that came with my dress (it's actually came to wear as a stole, but there's SO MUCH if it), referred to Maize in Montana's frayed flower tutorial, and started whipping out tons of these babies.

You should definitely follow the great tutorial if you want to make these, but you basically just cut a strip and sew along the bottom edge as if you were making a ruffle. Then, you pull it tight - voila! - beautiful fabric flower. NOTE: The tutorial teaches how to make frayed flowers... I followed it exactly, mine just aren't frayed because I used a fabric that doesn't fray. :)

So, now I have a bunch of neat little flower guys - what do I do with them? Well, first I made this:

I literally just took to finished flower, stuck a button through the center, and sewed it to a bobby pin on the other side. Wait, a bobby pin? Oh yes, look, it's my newest idea for my hair flower!

I'm thinking about making another hair flower like this to wear next to it. I am also considering changing the bobby pin to a more stable fascinator so it can hook better to my birdcage veil. (Oh! I haven't talked about my veils (yes, that's plural) yet - bad Laura... I'll get right on that!)

Next, I ditched all my previous ideas for the guys' boutonnieres, and made these:

I guess they're more like a fancy lapel pin than a boutonniere, but I don't care - I think they're just adorable. I've made all five of the groomsmen's so far and I'm now brainstorming ways to make David's a little different. I'm also thinking about making one for the dads... should theirs be different too? How? I plan on posting a tutorial for these soon if any of ya'll are interested.

Anyway, I have tons more plans for these lovely little fabric flowers - including something for the moms, an addition to my brooch options, and possibly even my bouquet - if I decide I'm brave enough. So, what do you think? What would you use these little flowers for?


Those "Something"s: Part one - borrowed and blue.

As I've mentioned, there are many wedding traditions that we're questioning or doing without. One tradition that I have decided to keep for the symbolism and really just for the fun of it is the "something" tradition - something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. My choices so far have kinda fallen into my lap, and I love them.

I haven't officially decided on my somethings old and new (although there are many new things I will be wearing), so I'm skipping to borrowed and blue for now.

Something borrowed...

My maternal grandmother died when my mom was only 24 years old, so I never knew her. She gave both of her daughters garnet necklaces before she died. The necklace shown above, in sterling silver, is my mother's. My aunt's necklace is actually a garnet set in gold and matches my ring perfectly. I asked my aunt to let me borrow the necklace and she gladly agreed. I love that I get to wear a necklace that's so special - honoring my grandmother and my aunt, adding even more garnet to symbolize my ring and it's symbol of guidance and protection, etc - without overwhelming my dress with too much accessory.

Something blue...

I found this monogrammed handkerchief on sale at Anthropologie. Take a close look - what letter(s) is/are monogrammed there? It's supposed to be a D, but there is no way you can tell me there's not also an L in there. I compared it to other "D" hankies and this one seriously had a mis-stitch or something because there wasn't another like it. Well, seeing as David's and my initials are L and D and the stitching was in blue, I was sold. Clearly it was meant to be mine - and for only $3.95! I plan on stuffing this baby into my bouquet handle or possibly tucking it away in my dress somewhere.

What are you using / did you use for your somethings?

* all images by me.


Rain Rain Go Away.

Southern California has been getting a LOT more rain this year than I have ever seen in the ten years I've lived here. I love it. However, today being our engagement shoot, I am praying that there is no more rain for the day. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE that there will probably be some pretty awesome clouds featured in our photos, but I'm not a big fan of soggy ground and limited mobility because of it. And worst of all, I'm not a big fan of the idea of postponing our shoot any longer.

So please, if you will, pray that the weather stays cloudy but sunny and that the rain holds off until after sunset.

Oh, and I was overwhelmed and overjoyed by everyone's responses yesterday - so many people gave such great input. I'm not going to tell you what I picked, but I will let you know that your input was a great help. Thanks a million!

Edit: So, we were rained out! The weather was really unpredictable all day and we decided that even if it wasn't actually raining during our shoot time, we would prefer a dry day where we can lay on the ground, hug trees, and such without getting muddy. We haven't set a new date yet, so I'm left with an unknown amount of time to second guess my dressing options once more.


Dressed for E-pic success. Part Two.

Okay, I need to rush off to a class, and I know I'll probably get less responses since it's Saturday - but, our e- pics are tomorrow, and I still haven't decided on my casual option.

Which of these should I wear?

Option One: Simple Teal V-neck.

The pros of this are that it's very me (the color is my best and I wear this tee all the time) and simple. I already know it photographs great. I have some awesome teal heels I can throw on with it, too. However, I fear it's a little too simple.

Option Two: The Anthropologie Plaid.

I LOVE this shirt. I was planning on wearing this all along until second-guessing myself just now. It's newer so I don't already have photos of myself wearing it. Is it too busy? Perhaps it's a bit less flattering than the others?

Option Three: The Lacy Wendy Shirt and Vest.

This is by far the best thrift store purchase I've ever made. This ensemble has been my go-to outfit for years, so it won't be new to most of my friends, but isn't it great? The vest bunches up a bit sometimes, so I would have ot adjust it a lot, but the lace fits our wedding theme!

I wish I could wear them all! Please help - which one should I wear? OR, should I forget about the dressy option and wear two of these? Augh, help!


A promise.

Okay, this week has been absolutely ridiculously busy. I have literally had a total of maybe two non-sleeping hours at home all week. That doesn't leave a lot of time for posting about wedding planning - or doing any wedding planning for that matter. That being said, I have all of next week off work to balance out the massive amounts of hours I've been working this past month. So, I promise promise promise to bring you tons of DIY goodness, some more content-heavy and personal posts, and some more overall wonder. We're starting to get down to the wire, and I'm taking this wedding stuff pretty darn seriously now. Get ready.

Also, I am pleased to announce that I am now an Assistant Coordinator for a local wedding planner - which means I get to gather paid day-of experience at six or so weddings this year - I'm super excited.


Dressed for E-pic success.

Today is David's and my three year dating anniversary, so I have a fun full day ahead of me. David and I switch years treating one another and this year is his turn to treat me - which means I have some surprises in store for me today. We'll probably be pretty busy, so I may not have time to write tomorrow's post.

Our engagement photos will be taken this Sunday, which means I am running out of time to decide what to wear. David and I know we'll be taking two outfits - one jeans/casual one and a more formal/dressy one.

However, I am having the hardest time deciding exactly what to wear. For the dressy part, I have a few contenders.

Option One: The Anthropologie dress.

I have been in love with this dress for quite some time and was super excited awhile back when I discovered it had gone on sale. (and I had a gift card from Christmas to buy it with - score!) This dress has a very feminine look that I would love to evoke in our e-pics, but I'm worried that the black will not fly so well - especially since David would probably wear black... I don't want us to fade into one another.

Option Two: The H&M dress.

This dress is super fun and adds more color to the mix. The only problems I have with this option are that I have worn this dress to many other occasions (but really, who cares?), and I fear the print will be too busy in photographs. I can dress this up with a black belt, cardigan, necklace, you name it.

Option Three: The Target dres.

Again with the black, but I love wearing this dress/belt combo to show off my waist. The dress itself is kinda bland, but I do love the fun sleeves. This dress is less forgiving in the belly, so there could be some potentially unflattering angles.

Option Four: The Vintage dress.

I would love the chance to add some vintage flair to our engagement shoot - I could even carry vintage props like our awesome cosmetic case. This dress really fits the look and feel of the wedding, too, so it would be fun (note: this is also a reason it might be nice to save the dress for wedding activities, but I would love to have it professionally photographed.) I don't know what David would wear, and I worry that it's still too tight to be very flattering.

What do you think? I wish I had some time to go shopping around and find a fun, solid, colorful dress, but I'm afraid this is all I've got for you right now. Which one should I wear? Or, should I try to figure something else out entirely? I would love your feedback.

* All photos by me. Please excuse the bad lighting and overall bad photos... I took them on self-timer at night and cut out my face because I looked gross after a long day. Hopefully, you can still judge the dresses properly.


It fits!

Remember this dress? Well, when I made that post, I was very very far from being able to zip up the dress. Last night, I got it on and zipped it up! Yay!

personal photos.

I still have a way to go before it's comfortable and less bulgy, but I really wasn't sure I'd ever be able to zip that dress up again!

How did I do it? Well, honestly, I haven't been able to really exercise this whole past month because they increased my hours at work dramatically. But, I try to always do the next best thing - I park far away, I always take the stairs, when a customer needs something, I walk them there instead of point. The biggest thing, though, is that I've been eating much better. I have cut out all drinks but water until the wedding and stay away from sweets. (if I want a sweet, I get fro yo!) This, plus eating a frozen diet meal for lunch instead of going to Rubios and cutting down my portion before I eat instead of trying to save some at the end has helped greatly!

So, how should I wear this dress? Engagement photos for a vintage shoot? Going away dress the night of the wedding? Sunday brunch the next day? There are so many possibilities!


Wedding Tom's.

I'm sure some of you have heard of Tom's Shoes, but for those who haven't, here's their movement in their own words:

In 2006 an American traveler, Blake Mycoskie, befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Blake returned to Argentina with a group of family, friends and staff later that year with 10,000 pairs of shoes made possible by caring TOMS customers.

Since our beginning, TOMS has given over 400,000 pairs of shoes to children in need through the One for One model.

Our ongoing community events and Shoe Drop Tours allow TOMS supporters and enthusiasts to be part of our One for One movement. Join us.

as quoted from Tom's shoes' website.

Sounds great, right? Well, what does this have to do with weddings? Well, Tom's Shoes has a special collection of wedding styles. In fact, if you outfit your entire bridal party in Tom's shoes you can not only provide shoes for multiple needy children, but Tom's will give you a special deal. Unfortunately, it's to late for us to change our shoe style completely, but this is a great option for any of you who are looking to give back during your wedding.


The first two pairs (ooh, sparkly!) are some of the special wedding shoes available for women and the second two are for men. I think the colored pair would look great on a groom whose bride is wearing colored shoes.

We have some other ways in mind to give back to people in need within the process of this wedding (stay tuned!), but I think this route is another pretty awesome way to do it.


Engagement Picks.

We're taking our engagement photos soon, so I thought I would explore some elements and styles that I just love. Hopefully we can get some pictures that turn out a little something like these...

I love Props!



I love far away shots!

I love close-ups!

I love colored or textured walls!

I love interesting angles!


and I love the almost-kiss!

All photos (unless marked by an asterisk) are from Jerry Yoon Photography (and many of the beautiful people pictured are friends of mine). I am bring rushed off to work - I'm so sorry - but, I promise I'll cite the photos with an asterisk as soon as possible.

What types of engagement photos would you / did you pick?