Bra Basics: yes, I'm going there.

The following post has been on my mind lately because I have been shopping for undergarments to wear under my dress. This post has been copied (unedited) from my livejournal - originally posted Feb. 27, 2009.

Oprah was right.
A huge majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and roommate/bridesmaid Liz and I discovered exactly how true this is today on a pretty elaborate shopping spree that has re-vamped my wardrobe very nicely. (Liz literally threw out half of my closet and forced me to buy new stuff!)

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But anyway, back to the bras.
So, Oprah's intervention (above) and other recent news has stressed that women should probably be down a band size and up a cup size from the bra they currently wear.

Liz and I both went into Nordstrom with ill-fitting bras today, ready for a fitting. Liz has recently lost weight, and was convinced she had gone down a cup size, while I had recently become aware that the fact that my bras tend to stick out funny and the lines show through my tee shirts probably meant that I needed another size as well. We were convinced that I, too, needed a smaller cup size. After trying on another roommate's bras, I decided that Victoria's Secret bras (especially in the size they have sized me as every time I've gone in there) do not fit me. So, Nordstrom it was. We had heard rumors about Victoria's not-so-great sizing procedures (from VS employees), and figured a new place would do the trick.

Um, it sure did something anyway.
Liz, who walked in trying to find a balance between 36C and 36D was sized as a 32DDD!
I have always been a 36B and was trying to face the facts and possibly go down a cup,
and I walked away purchasing two bras in size 34D which fit perfectly.
(granted, I was sized as a 34C and most of the ones I tried were C's, the brand I bought just fit better with the D cup)

I would never have imagined that I would ever wear a C cup, let alone a D.

So, why am I sharing this? Honestly, does the entire world wide web need to know my bra size? Well, no. But, once I got these bras that actually fit, I tried on clothes, and everything looked so good - not to mention it boosted my confidence immensely. So while my actual size doesn't matter, the experience does, and I really think every woman should re-evaluate and make sure she's wearing the right bra size. If you've only ever been sized at one place, and have any reason to doubt what you've been wearing, I highly suggest you go get a second opinion. It really does make a difference.

source: natalie dee
don't believe this comic; bra fittings are your friend.

oh, and this blog has some great insight on the subject. Now go and enjoy your newfound knowledge and get thee fitted.


  1. VS bra's don't fit me either. I need to go to a department store and get this done

  2. Bra talk--one of my favourite topics!! I am a HUUGGGEEE believer in bra fittings. When I was a teenager my mom took me to a real lingerie store--the kind that just don't exist anymore--where it a bunch of older ladies who look at you in your bra and bring you ones that they think you should wear. It was always a completely painless experience--I never had to try on more than 3 bras because they knew exactly what I should wear. They're long gone and I have the worst time finding bras.

    Chocolate Lover: The department stores here in Vancouver don't know how to fit--although they think they do and condescendingly tell me that they know better. I had one woman try to tell me how great a bra fit me when I could fit 3 fingers under the band and it was practically falling off me--aargghh!! Our department stores also don't carry odd sizes--I'm 32E/F--good luck--if I'm lucky I can find a 34DD. Try the store "CHANGE"--there's quite a few here. They do fittings that are actually right--and they carry every size imaginable. Even if you don't like their styles its a good starting point for your size.

  3. @ chocolate lover: I really suggest Nordstrom over any other department store. Also, I just checked the other day - they're prices are the same as macy's for the same bras.

  4. i'm pretty sure I have the same problem as you did with the bras always showing through t shirts. I'm pretty convinced that I'm wearing bras that are too big, but I'm not sure where to go.
    My target, h & m and VS bras don't fit right, and i have one gap bra that's great and one that's terrible.

    What brand did you find at Nordstrom? I'm anxious to try it out.

  5. @ Katie: so sorry, I just saw your post. I wear Calvin Klein bras - their cup sizes are small, so I wear a full cup size bigger than I was measured to be, but I love them. It totally fixed the whole seeing the edges through tee shirts and makes me look so much better!