Dressed for E-pic success. Part Two.

Okay, I need to rush off to a class, and I know I'll probably get less responses since it's Saturday - but, our e- pics are tomorrow, and I still haven't decided on my casual option.

Which of these should I wear?

Option One: Simple Teal V-neck.

The pros of this are that it's very me (the color is my best and I wear this tee all the time) and simple. I already know it photographs great. I have some awesome teal heels I can throw on with it, too. However, I fear it's a little too simple.

Option Two: The Anthropologie Plaid.

I LOVE this shirt. I was planning on wearing this all along until second-guessing myself just now. It's newer so I don't already have photos of myself wearing it. Is it too busy? Perhaps it's a bit less flattering than the others?

Option Three: The Lacy Wendy Shirt and Vest.

This is by far the best thrift store purchase I've ever made. This ensemble has been my go-to outfit for years, so it won't be new to most of my friends, but isn't it great? The vest bunches up a bit sometimes, so I would have ot adjust it a lot, but the lace fits our wedding theme!

I wish I could wear them all! Please help - which one should I wear? OR, should I forget about the dressy option and wear two of these? Augh, help!


  1. I would definitely go for 2 or 3. I think 1 is a little too simple. I like 2 because it's got the rustic thing going on, but I do think 3 looks a bit better on you, and it's nicer which I like for the engagementness.

  2. Btw, I just noticed that you have 41 followers, and I am super proud of you for getting noticed so much! Great job!

  3. I like the teal shirt because I think that it'll look the least dated in the coming years.

  4. I like number 3!! So cute, Have fun!
    Love and all the best to you and David
    Love, Sharon

  5. I love 3 but I think the pp is right. Go for the teal. It's simple, pretty and not looking dated is nice. Your kids will laugh a little less in 20 years. Though I do really love 3... I guess I'm not much help!

  6. I vote for plaid as well. It looks great, don't doubt it, definitely not too busy.

  7. I really like the 2nd option...Plaid. I dunno, it just looks so cozy & rustic. A nice contrast to a dressy look. And I think the tunic looks really great with your figure!

  8. I like the plaid, or the white/vest. I love the bright color in the first one, but even though you're going for a casual look, I think it's *too* casual for professional pictures. ;)

  9. Sorry i'm a little late on this, but I like option 3, love the lace! Hope the photo shoot went well!