Dressed for E-pic success.

Today is David's and my three year dating anniversary, so I have a fun full day ahead of me. David and I switch years treating one another and this year is his turn to treat me - which means I have some surprises in store for me today. We'll probably be pretty busy, so I may not have time to write tomorrow's post.

Our engagement photos will be taken this Sunday, which means I am running out of time to decide what to wear. David and I know we'll be taking two outfits - one jeans/casual one and a more formal/dressy one.

However, I am having the hardest time deciding exactly what to wear. For the dressy part, I have a few contenders.

Option One: The Anthropologie dress.

I have been in love with this dress for quite some time and was super excited awhile back when I discovered it had gone on sale. (and I had a gift card from Christmas to buy it with - score!) This dress has a very feminine look that I would love to evoke in our e-pics, but I'm worried that the black will not fly so well - especially since David would probably wear black... I don't want us to fade into one another.

Option Two: The H&M dress.

This dress is super fun and adds more color to the mix. The only problems I have with this option are that I have worn this dress to many other occasions (but really, who cares?), and I fear the print will be too busy in photographs. I can dress this up with a black belt, cardigan, necklace, you name it.

Option Three: The Target dres.

Again with the black, but I love wearing this dress/belt combo to show off my waist. The dress itself is kinda bland, but I do love the fun sleeves. This dress is less forgiving in the belly, so there could be some potentially unflattering angles.

Option Four: The Vintage dress.

I would love the chance to add some vintage flair to our engagement shoot - I could even carry vintage props like our awesome cosmetic case. This dress really fits the look and feel of the wedding, too, so it would be fun (note: this is also a reason it might be nice to save the dress for wedding activities, but I would love to have it professionally photographed.) I don't know what David would wear, and I worry that it's still too tight to be very flattering.

What do you think? I wish I had some time to go shopping around and find a fun, solid, colorful dress, but I'm afraid this is all I've got for you right now. Which one should I wear? Or, should I try to figure something else out entirely? I would love your feedback.

* All photos by me. Please excuse the bad lighting and overall bad photos... I took them on self-timer at night and cut out my face because I looked gross after a long day. Hopefully, you can still judge the dresses properly.


  1. I really like the vintage dress. You could totally rock it!

  2. I actually prefer the Target dress. It's simple, flattering, the belt is fun, and it'll photograph well.

  3. My vote is the 1st Anthro dress! I have the same one, but in a different print. It is the most flattering for your figure & I think the gold tones in the dress will make it pop. Plus, it goes with your wedding colors.

    My opinion about your vintage dress is that while it is very beautiful, it doesn't really do your figure justice. It's still a little tight in the hips, causing the fabric to gape. I would save it for one of your wedding events.

  4. I love them all, but for epics I vote #3 and #4 (the vintage is a must!) Can you do a change?
    Can't wait to see how they turn out?

  5. I will always <3 the H&M dress. Of couse, I am biased in that I am still kicking myself for not buying it when I had the chance.

  6. I vote for dress #1, it looks amazing on you! Plus I think the gold accents will keep it from blending in.