Engagement Picks.

We're taking our engagement photos soon, so I thought I would explore some elements and styles that I just love. Hopefully we can get some pictures that turn out a little something like these...

I love Props!



I love far away shots!

I love close-ups!

I love colored or textured walls!

I love interesting angles!


and I love the almost-kiss!

All photos (unless marked by an asterisk) are from Jerry Yoon Photography (and many of the beautiful people pictured are friends of mine). I am bring rushed off to work - I'm so sorry - but, I promise I'll cite the photos with an asterisk as soon as possible.

What types of engagement photos would you / did you pick?


  1. Honestly, I was seriously lacking in inspiration for engagement photos simply because I hadn't really spent a lot of time looking through photo shoots of other couples. So we let our photographer do as she pleased and the photos turned out great with a wide variety of shots which worked for us.

  2. I have no doubt that your pictures will be amazing! (your photographer is very talented). Make a shot list & give her some of these examples before the shoot. I did this with my e-session photographer & he pretty much captured everything I wanted. I recommend having 1 or 2 props, and I wouldn't do more than 1 costume change. E-sessions are so much fun!

  3. speaking of props...
    just saw this on snippet & ink.

  4. LOVE the suitcases. My fiance and I are both military brats (lots of moving), so the suitcases remind me of our common bond.

  5. I love all these shots..., the kissing and the almost are fantastic!!!