A fabric flower for everyone.

I LOVE how so many weddings have been using fabric flowers for so many lovely details. In fact, there are tons of tutorials available - here, here, here, and here. I decided I needed some fabric flowers of my own. So, without too much decision on what I would actually use them for, I grabbed the extra tulle that came with my dress (it's actually came to wear as a stole, but there's SO MUCH if it), referred to Maize in Montana's frayed flower tutorial, and started whipping out tons of these babies.

You should definitely follow the great tutorial if you want to make these, but you basically just cut a strip and sew along the bottom edge as if you were making a ruffle. Then, you pull it tight - voila! - beautiful fabric flower. NOTE: The tutorial teaches how to make frayed flowers... I followed it exactly, mine just aren't frayed because I used a fabric that doesn't fray. :)

So, now I have a bunch of neat little flower guys - what do I do with them? Well, first I made this:

I literally just took to finished flower, stuck a button through the center, and sewed it to a bobby pin on the other side. Wait, a bobby pin? Oh yes, look, it's my newest idea for my hair flower!

I'm thinking about making another hair flower like this to wear next to it. I am also considering changing the bobby pin to a more stable fascinator so it can hook better to my birdcage veil. (Oh! I haven't talked about my veils (yes, that's plural) yet - bad Laura... I'll get right on that!)

Next, I ditched all my previous ideas for the guys' boutonnieres, and made these:

I guess they're more like a fancy lapel pin than a boutonniere, but I don't care - I think they're just adorable. I've made all five of the groomsmen's so far and I'm now brainstorming ways to make David's a little different. I'm also thinking about making one for the dads... should theirs be different too? How? I plan on posting a tutorial for these soon if any of ya'll are interested.

Anyway, I have tons more plans for these lovely little fabric flowers - including something for the moms, an addition to my brooch options, and possibly even my bouquet - if I decide I'm brave enough. So, what do you think? What would you use these little flowers for?


  1. For my husband's 'bout I added an antique locket. I scribbled a tiny note inside: "I love you forever & always"

  2. @ Stephanie: that's an awesome idea! I'll have to look into adding something special like that. Thanks.

  3. Oh wow, thanks for sharing! Now I just have to get some materials and go for it. ahhhh!