Invitation Madness

No really, there are invitation pieces and supplies everywhere around these parts. So far, I have cut, pasted, folded, cut, pasted, cut some more, flashed five gocco screens, inked and pressed 50+ pages for each screen, and cut even more - and we're not yet finished!

personal photos.

Look at that mess. The crazy thing about gocco-ing is how much space those suckers take to dry - that is just a small taste of all the surfaces I had covered in invites and rsvp cards.

In addition to all the crazy crafting of our own invitations, look what I got in the mail the other day:

personal photos.

My shower invitation! I'm so excited about this! I'm so honored to have such great bridesmaids. I can't wait to see people I love and have an afternoon to relax and maybe get some lovin'! I wonder if anyone will shop my Anthropologie wishlist. Ahh, so fun!

Man, all this wedding stuff is really starting to get incredibly real. When did the reality of your wedding start to hit? Has it hit yet?


  1. I love that your BMs sent you your very own invitation!

    I think for me, it was when I attended my husband's coworker's wedding that was a week before ours. I cried & I didn't even know these people that well. It just hit me that the girl in the white dress, yep, that would be me in a week. Ah!

  2. Love the layout of that shower invite! I'll be blogging it next week!