label lovin'.

Check these out! They're the cutest vintage fill-in mailing labels (or labels for whatever your heart desires, I would assume), and they're FREE! I'm seriously considering using one/some of these for our invitations (I know I know, Emily Post dictates that invitation mailings be hand-written, but I'm no calligrapher and I can't afford to hire one.) I'm sure they could be printed out and hand-written on as well if you desire.

Here's just a few samples of the awesome wonder:


Now, go forth and download!


  1. pish posh Emily Post...
    I say, if you have a gorgeous label, it doesn't matter if they're computer printed. That's what I did & the world certainly didn't end. The last label is my favorite.

  2. Omg, those are so cute! And I concur, I can't write worth a damn, that hiring someone to do that is POINTLESS.